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10 Ways To Make Servers Love You

server tips in scottsdale

Ready for our top 10 ways to make servers love you? Let’s go. When you dine out, you expect your service to be top notch. Of course you do, it’s Scottsdale. There is nothing wrong with that. But, what about a little love for your Scottsdale restaurant servers who work so hard to give you that top-notch service? Here are 10 things you can do next time you are out in Scottsdale to make your servers love you!
1. Even if the service is bad, try not to snap at them, asks to switch tables or a joke about how much you hated the food.
Angry Waitress
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2. When you are done eating, just leave your plates and utensils where they are. They are trained professionals.
Talented Waiter
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3. Don’t steal their pen, they love and cherish their pens. If anything, leave a pen for them.
ScottsdaleRestaurants.com Pen
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4. When they say hello to you, say hello back. It is just common courtesy people.
Hiding Behind a Menu
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5. Don’t ask them for their favorite thing on the menu. Odds are; it won’t be yours as well. Be bold, make your own decision.
Flip a Coin
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6. Don’t blame them if the food takes too long to come out. It’s most likely not their fault. Unless it is, then refer to #1.
Blame Game
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7. Don’t be the person to walk in at 9:59pm, when they close at 10pm. Just don’t.
Ron Burgandy
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8. Please attempt to control your children. We know they can be unruly, but at least make an effort.
Bad Kid
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9. Put your phone away, you are there to eat and socialize. Plus, it’s hard to take your order when you have your head down playing Clash of Angry Birds or whatever you are playing.
Put the Phone Down
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10. Last, but certainly not least, always tip no less than 20%. Always.
Tip Well

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