Hyper Local Micro Advertising Platform

What it is: Our site is all about local! We do have some big brands in which we leverage, but our primary focus is delivering value to hyper-local businesses in a fashion that they will be proud of. Our platform is not like your typical advertising model, agency or ad buying components. We utilize our collective expertise and tailor your brand to fit into our scope and creative website in a way that promotes your product and business effectively… no matter what it is. Meaning your business does not necessarily have to be a restaurant or restaurant related.


How it works: It’s very simple. A business comes to us with a budget. With that budget, the creatives at uniquely find a creative way to mesh your brand and ours, organically to give you the biggest bang for your buck! The larger the budget, the more creative we can get and the more opportunity is available! We only ask for a three-month minimum, and we are allowing a total of ten businesses to be a part of our exclusive Micro Advertising Platform. This number is capped and is on a first come first serve basis.


Why this works: We know what works! We have built this brand from absolutely nothing into something that generates a fantastic amount of hyper-local viewership. So while you are spending money on Facebook and Google ads, and that is great, we give you custom placement into what our fans and followers want! They love local content, and our messaging is light-hearted yet effective.Unfortunately, we cannot share some of the creatives or offerings as we need to keep our trade secrets safe. If this is of interest to you, please email or fill out the form below to set up a call to discuss! Cheers!


Just Three Generic Dudes was born out of a need. A need to sift through all of the reviews, zelps, ratings, spoons, stars and whatever else you may use to decide which Scottsdale restaurants to throw your hard earned money at. With fun video reviews mixed with creative content, geared towards you, the Scottsdale eater and drinker. We plan to do just that. Hopefully, you will enjoy watching us eat and drink our way through Scottsdale, as much as we enjoy doing it! Remember, we do this for you!
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