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April Featured Menu Item – Prime Rib in Scottsdale

Prime Rib in scottsdale

April Featured Menu Item – Prime Rib in Scottsdale

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Deion Sanders was just Deion until he became Prime Time.
Optimus was just an Autobot until he became Optimus Prime.
Amazon was just a place that you paid for individual shipping until it became Amazon Prime.
The list goes on and on; Prime Minister, Prime Number, Prime Time TV, something is just, for lack of a better term, basic until it becomes Prime. The definition of Prime is of first importance; main and of the best possible quality; excellent. Doesn’t that definition make you want to add Prime to your name and just dominate the day?
One Prime that I have yet to mention is the best and most mouthwatering Prime there is – Prime Rib. Just reading those words makes your mouth water with anticipation. Don’t act like it doesn’t. But without the Prime, you just have a standing rib roast or a rib-eye roast for the boneless version. In fact, any restaurant that serves Prime Rib is required to use beef that has been graded “Prime” by the USDA.
But Troy, what makes it Prime graded? Great question. The answer is that the word “Prime” is a quality grade given by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to describe the highest quality beef and other meats (veal and lamb) in terms of tenderness, juiciness, and flavor.
You are saying ok, having that knowledge is cool for the next time that I want to drop some beef fun facts at a dinner party. But where can I get some of the best Prime Rib in Scottsdale? As usual, we got you. Our April Featured Menu Item is the Slow Cooked Prime Rib from Black and Bleu American Grill.
Here are the Prime deets:

Slow Cooked Prime Rib

Comes with:
This beautiful prime rib is not just any piece of beef, but Certified Angus Beef (®). Which pretty much makes it Super Prime Rib. You can get it in an 8oz or 12oz cut + Whipped Potatoes + Grilled Asparagus = One happy belly! All of that for either $20.25 or $24.75 depending on the cut.
Pro-Tip: If you go on Monday night the Black and Bleu Prime Rib is only $15!
The little know secret at Black and Bleu is that, although their Prime Rib is, of course, Prime. They also have a secret weapon in the kitchen; his name is Chef Jimmy, and he has been perfecting his Prime Rib skills for almost two decades at the recently closed Tempe establishment of Monti’s La Casa Vieja. I am not one for hyperbole, but his Prime Rib is life changing. In that, you will come back and enjoy it again and again. To see it and some of their other awesome menu items make sure to check out our Video Review!
We’ll be back next month with new Featured Menu Items!
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