Arizona Breakfast Weekend 2017

Arizona Breakfast Weekend 2017

Arizona Breakfast Weekend 2017

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Psst. You. Yeah, you – the one who has pancakes for dinner. The one who always keeps oranges in the house so that mimosas are constantly at the ready. Have I got the deal for you. Arizona Breakfast Weekend 2017 is here, from July 27 to July 30! For the third year in a row, restaurants representing every style and taste feature a current dish or create one just for the occasion. Some restaurants include a side, and some include a beverage. There are three price points, depending on where you go – $7, $10 or $15. Certain restaurants have options at each of those prices. You get the picture. Ready for the part where we tell you where we’ll be for this wonderful celebration of all things breakfast? Four days, four breakfasts… challenge accepted.

Thursday – Original Breakfast House

We’ll start the long weekend off at a great spot just outside of Scottsdale, off 32nd Street and Thunderbird. “OBH” has a cult-like following that shows up in force on the weekends. Pro-Tip: unless you want to risk waiting an hour or possibly more. Make this your Thursday or Friday place for Arizona Breakfast Weekend 2017. They’ve recently gone through a facelift, and although we’ll miss the old-school diner vibe, the food is as good as ever.


Friday – Farm & Craft

One of the best things about Farm & Craft in Old Town is how good you feel after you finish eating there. Their focus on personal health and global responsibility lets you enjoy your delicious meal without a tinge of guilt. Farm & Craft is going all out for Arizona Breakfast Week. They are one of the restaurants offering options at all three price points. Needless to say, you won’t make a bad choice. It all depends on if you’re in the mood for sweet or savory.


Saturday – Tryst Cafe

Tryst Cafe made organic and gluten-free items delicious before almost anyone else caught on and it became a trend. Tryst is located in a small strip-mall across from Desert Ridge so you may have missed them. Don’t continue that mistake. Personally, they were the first local restaurant I fell in love with when I moved to Arizona. Now it’s your turn.


Sunday – Hash Kitchen

C’mon, cannoli doughnuts?! Get outta here. No, seriously. They’re all mine. Leave me alone with them. When the guys visited Hash Kitchen, they fell in love with the ‘DIY’ bloody mary bar. It is seriously impressive, but so is the food. For Arizona Breakfast Weekend, they are pulling out all the stops. You have your choice of FIVE different entrees and they start you off with a mimosa and one of those insane cannoli doughnuts. They also have two (soon to be more) locations to choose from so you can get there faster.


BFD Bonus – The Market by Jennifer’s

Oh, that’s right. I love breakfast so much, I’m running it back for dinner! The Market By Jennifer’s is giving you a little “BFD” on Thursday and Friday, offering their dish after 5 p.m. Then, for Saturday and Sunday, they have it available for their weekend brunch from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. You’ll be getting a specialty mimosa to go with it, as well.


What spots are you excited to visit for Arizona Breakfast Weekend 2017? Let us know in the comments below.

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