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Arizona Restaurant Week: Fall ’17

arizona restaurant week

Arizona Restaurant Week: Fall ’17

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Alright, I’m just going to get right to it. I’m fired up. I am fired up because I love Arizona Restaurant Week and Arizona Restaurant Week. Is. Here. September 15-24. Most of you know the drill by now. Three courses, $33. or $44. and maybe a drink is included, depending on the spot. I love seeing what the amazing chefs in our region come up with for the hungry denizens of Arizona.
These restaurants don’t give you a lettuce leaf and call it a salad. They don’t give you a single shrimp and a meatball and call it Surf’n’Turf. Or if they do, they don’t end up on our list. This list is meant for the places that go above and beyond, the creme de la creme if you will. We try to give you different places to go each time and keep it fresh. But it’s a pretty safe bet you can still go to the places we told you about here, here and here. I would check http://arizonarestaurantweek.com/restaurants/all-restaurants/ first to make sure they are still participating and peruse the menus. I said a safe bet, not a sure bet.
So, where are we going this time around? These spots are our choices for where to go during Arizona Restaurant Week.

6 Degrees Urban Kitchen

Cost: $44 per guest

Arizona Restaurant Week Menu – HERE
What WE’RE eatingBlackened Scallops, Pork Posole, bring a friend and get both desserts.
Oh, you want to participate in Arizona Restaurant Week AND check out a great new spot? You know ScottsdaleRestaurants.com is going to give you that inside info. 6 Degrees Urban Kitchen opened just a few weeks ago in the Shops at Gainey Village on Scottsdale Road. ScottsdaleRestaurants.com did a little reconnaissance and Arizona Restaurant Week will be a great time to check them out. The blackened scallops for the first course single-handedly got them on this list.
Visit 6 Degrees Urban Kitchen‘s website for more info.

The Gladly

Cost: $33 per guest

Arizona Restaurant Week MenuHERE
What WE’RE eating: The Original Chopped Salad, Duck Meatloaf, Banana Nutella Jar
You guys know Chris, right? This sexy beast right here. Do you have any clue how much he loves The Original Chopped Salad? He goes to The Gladly, gets a DOUBLE ORDER, and brings it back to the office for lunch. Then he eats it. All of it. In front of all of us. Without offering any. Thanks, big guy.
I’m excited to try the Duck Meatloaf offered as an entree. The Gladly is providing some of the best value for this week’s celebration. All four of the entree choices look delicious and almost everyone should be able to find something they’ll enjoy.
Check out our video review of The Gladly:

Grape Bistro

Cost: $33 per guest

Arizona Restaurant Week MenuHERE
What WE’RE eating: Mac & Cheese, Fried Chicken, Tiramisu
I have a confession to make. I spent an embarrassing amount of time on what to recommend for the entree at Grape Bistro. There’s the Fried Chicken Miguel devoured during our video review and I’ve enjoyed during brunch with some tasty waffles. Then there’s the Truffle Burger. Melted brie, truffle aioli, brioche bun… how can I say no to a truffle burger?! The struggle is real and I’m still going back and forth even as I write this.
Check out our video review of Grape Bistro:

El Panzon y Frida

Cost: $44 per guest (Includes one glass of selected wine/beer)

Arizona Restaurant Week MenuHERE
What WE’RE eating: Grilled Clams, Smoked Lamb Pastrami on Rye, Cult Coffee Seasonal Dessert
For our last recommendation, we are going to start with dessert. Any dessert or drink made with Cult Coffee is going to grab my attention. They’re the beans I’m grinding every morning (Black Honey Process, thanks for asking). Take into account their Brow Lifter Nitro Brew and I would definitely consider myself a “Cult member”. So dessert is a no-brainer here. I chose the smoked lamb pastrami on rye because lamb bacon just sounds glorious. A nice additional touch from El Panzon y Frida is the option to “add-on” a course and/or a bottle of wine for only $20. each.
Check out our video review of El Panzon y Frida:

Will you choose one of our previous recommendations or check out a new spot? Do you switch it up for each Restaurant Week or go to your favorite restaurants each time? Whatever restaurants you choose, let us know what the highlights were!
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