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August Featured Menu Item – Bone-In Rib Eye

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August Featured Menu Item – Bone-In Rib Eye

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This month’s Featured Menu Item is the Bone-In Rib Eye from El Panzon y Frida in Old Town Scottsdale. Chris would say this cut of meat is phenomenal, Miguel would call it dope, and I would just take a bite and make a collection of Troy Noises ®. How do I know this? Well, because that is exactly what happened when we were first blessed with trying the Bone-In Rib Eye from El Panzon y Frida. This beautiful menu item is deserving of all of those reactions and countless more. So good and did we mention the SALT BLOCK??!! But seriously, the meat is cooked perfectly upon arrival to your table. Then it continues to cook on the salt block so as you enjoy each bite treats your tastebuds to a new experience and flavor.
Here are the details:

Bone-In Rib Eye

First, it starts with a beautiful 16oz grilled ribeye that is then placed over a Himalayan salt block and topped with house chimichurris. What follows is pure heaven.

While you are at El Panzon y Frida to try the Bone-In Rib Eye do a trust fall and let them take you on a culinary journey with the rest of the menu! You will not be disappointed! Paired with their extensive and unique cocktail list a visit to El Panzon y Frida should be high on your list for your next dinner out.

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  1. I would love to try that bone-in rib eye and tequila icecream! How do I get a gift card?! 🙂