Best Cheat Meals in the Valley!

Best Cheat Meals in the Valley!

Cheat Meals in Phoenix and Scottsdale!

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It’s been three weeks since we made that promise to ourselves for the new year. Whether that be getting yourself to the gym, juicing your fruits and veggies or simply just laying off the queso dip. But let’s face it, we’re only human. We have wants and needs that must be fulfilled. In fact, the best way to begin your diet is to actually have a cheat day! I promise I’m not the little devil on your shoulder trying to persuade you into submerging yourself into fries and shakes to ruin your New Year’s resolution; I’m here to help! Help you find our favorite places to indulge in on your cheat day!

Chino Bandido

Imagine an authentic Mexican burrito, filled with zesty orange chicken. That was exactly how my friend first described to me this Mexican-Chinese hole-in-the-wall joint. With only one location in the valley, Chino Bandido is a diamond in the rough. From cheesy, deep fried Chile Rellenos to juicy, Jade Red Chicken, it’s going to be hard only coming for cheat days. I’ve been eating here since high school, and so has my dad, it’s kind of a family tradition. Eve Collins, the owner, thrives off feeding people and is just dying to give you one of her homemade, snickerdoodle cookies that comes with every meal.

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Whiskey Row

WOW. We’ve all had some kind of loaded, cheesy fries dish before but…WOW. Whiskey Row should have some sort of award for their Southern Fries. Fresh cut french fries topped with white barbecue pulled chicken, melted cheddar cheese, bleu cheese dressing and whiskey barbecue sauce. Are you kidding me? I guarantee a cheat day spent at Whiskey Row will result in a lot of nights, dreaming about these Southern Fries melting in your mouth.

Check out our video review to see Whiskey Row’s other offerings:

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Welcome Diner

If you haven’t been already, go now. Really, stop reading this and make plans to go after 5 pm any day of the week (except Mondays). Michael Babcock, the owner, recreates the meaning of comfort food right here in the heart of Downtown Phoenix. With menu items featuring fresh biscuits made in house every single day with fried chicken smothered in sausage gravy, I’m sure you will find the right thing to order on your very special, cheat day. Don’t forget to crack open an iced cold Jarritos while you’re there. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’ll learn). 

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Lou Malnati’s

Originating in Chicago, you already know the pizza here is about to be made with an authentic Chicago-style crust. I used to work at a pizza joint, so I thought I had them all figured out. I read about their “buttery, flaky crust” and their “California vine-ripened tomatoes” they hand select every year for their sauce. Yeah yeah, big whoop…but then I actually tried it. Yes, it really was a big whoop. Lou Malnati’s really knows pizza. From someone who considers themselves a pizza connoisseur, trust me, this is the real deal. Not to mention how incredibly friendly the staff is. Go in and cheat for yourselves.

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Rehab Burger Therapy

Savory and sweet is what it’s all about, and Rehab does it right. If you’re trying to have a hardcore cheat day in which heart attack might be on your lists of things to do, get yourself one of Rehab’s PB&J Bacon Burgers. An award-winning beef sirloin/brisket burger grilled to order with peanut butter, grape jelly, bacon and sriracha sauce. Often copied but never duplicated. We recommend it on a pretzel bun for the best results possible. If the peanut butter or the jelly scares you away, I promise it’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s just right.

Check out our video review of Rehab Scottsdale:

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Visit Rehab’s Scottsdale and Tempe directory listings for more info.

What are some of your favorite spots to go for cheat day? Let us know in the comments below.

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Written by Chais Gentner

With plans to move to Portland, OR after graduation, Chais Gentner is pursuing a journalism major at Arizona State University with a minor in communications. After playing volleyball for 12 years, Chais uses that same tenacious attitude on the court towards her career as a reporter. Living in the Scottsdale area for the majority of her life, she's aware of all the hidden gems in the food scene. She thoroughly enjoys eating food as much as she does writing about it.

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