Best Cocktails in the Valley – May 2018

Best Cocktails in the Valley – May 2018

Hi there, Chris here again….

We love cocktails. We are assuming you do as well. Sure, we enjoy a great glass of wine or beer, but for us, cocktails occupy a vast amount of our time on the consuming of alcohol spectrum. There is just so much to learn and try. The variations. The spirits. The classic made cocktails. The history. The mixologists. The experience. It all plays into why we love cocktails so much. I personally geek out quite a bit when visiting a cocktail bar. I’m always up for learning and expanding my drink pallet.

Below is a list of, we feel, the best cocktails in Scottsdale and all over the Valley right now (in NO particular order):


Old Fashioned – The Beverly

Keepin’ it simple here. The Beverly overall is a fantastic bar. Our team hits this bar every other week, and a classic Old Fashioned is always on the menu. Legit whiskey/bourbon selection allows them to really hit any angle you are after for your Old Fashioned. A MUST try.


Irish Whiskey Mule – Sip Coffee & Beer House

This drink is Troy’s go to. They use Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey along with high-end ginger beer that gives it, just a robust taste. Super refreshing and well made.


Jalisco Bramble – Hand Cut Burgers & Chophouse

This drink threw us for a big loop when we first tried it. First, they have fruit inside their ice, so when you reach the latter half of the drink, the fruit from the ice cube throws a different flavor to the drink. Mind blown a little. Blanco tequila and fruit forward. This drink is a winner. Side note: Ask for Kylee, she rocks.


Gin Rickey – The Womack

The Womack plays ZERO games with their cocktails, and the Gin Ricky is no exception. The lemongrass shrub that they add to this drink sets it off for us. A classic cocktail made CORRECT!


Caio Buffalo – Hearth ‘61 at Mountain Shadows

The peach puree set this drink off for us. SUPER refreshing and a well-balanced cocktail. Buffalo Trace is the backbone spirit but is subtle with the puree and other ingredients. Excellent summer cocktail at Hearth ’61 at Mountain Shadows! If you stop in for dinner, ask for Chef Chris…. he is a master and will take care of you!


Vieux Carre – Cafe Monarch

First off, Monarch’s new location is LEGIT. And their bar is even more on point. Might be my favorite spot after work. Their bar opens at 5:30 pm and is a sleeper still in my opinion. Andrew, the lead mixologist, has a plethora of knowledge and is one of the best in the game. He produces some of the best cocktails in Scottsdale. This cocktail is an expensive drink, but that’s simply because of the ingredients. 10 Yr. Whistle Pig and Mason Rouge VSOP along with bitters and a few other ingredients set this drink off into another planet! Just get one… and then let Andrew take you on a cocktail tour.

cafe monarch

Thai Mai – Ling & Louie’s

Not only do we agree but we have had multiple people tell us the same. Ling & Louie’s Thai Mai is the BEST Mai Thai we have ever had. Period. Oh, and the food is legit too. Sit at the bar or on their patio; you can’t go wrong.


Smoked Old Fashioned – Sonata’s Restaurant

I’ll admit it….I’m biased on this one. I call the mixologist’s here the Three Kings as these gents have serious skills behind the bar, and their cocktails tell that story. Will, Dom and Maxton handle their biz at Sonata’s. These guys produce some of the best cocktails in Scottsdale. My favorite, hands down, is their smoked Old Fashioned. A classically made drink with smoke from wood trapped in the cocktail til it reaches you. It keeps that smokiness til you are done with the drink, I’m not kidding.


House Classic Martini – AZ88

We are not martini drinkers, but a well-made cocktail is a well-made cocktail. The cocktails at AZ88 are fantastic, and their classic dirty martini tops that list. We have had a lot of friends threaten us if we didn’t place this cocktail on our list because it’s that good. We hear the dirtier, the better…. It’s a staple there and for good reason.


Literally Any Cocktail – Counter Intuitive

Literally anything. Lol. The Team at Ci dials it the Efff in. When I visit, I take a quick glance at their drink menu and always defer to the mixologists to take me on a journey. Places like this make drinking cocktails so much fun. Again, CI produces some of the best cocktails in Scottsdale. Ask for Kiefer, he has made my cocktails the last few times I have been in, and the man is a master at his craft.  Impressive to watch.


Smoking Cannon – Undertow

Undertow is one of the most unique and great cocktail bars in the Valley! Overall, their drinks are rum based and freaking delicious! Our favorite it is the Smoking Cannon! Kentucky bourbon, aged rum, and pineapple, bitter and wait for it…. cinnamon smoke!! Yup. Packs a punch and is a can’t miss cocktail. UT’s staff is super friendly and incredibly talented.


Pornstar Martini – Bitter & Twisted Cocktail Parlour

I honestly have not tried this cocktail but its a fan favorite for a lot of our friends and followers! This cocktail has come up numerous times when talking cocktails. Their staff is next level though! All the cocktails I have ever had there have been absolutely top notch. It’s no secret why they win awards. Great spot in Phoenix!


Buttered Rum Punch – The Gladly

Brown butter rum and banana liqueur? Yup. This cocktail is FANCY. Unique also comes to mind. Outrageous flavors and a must try when you have a double Orignal Chopped Salad. Lol. Side note: Crazy good whiskey list as well!


Bloody Mary Bar – Hash Kitchen

You know we had to have a bloody mary on this list. For us, it was the bloody mary bar at Hash Kitchen. So many vodka options…. Plus a WIDE range of additions, mixers, toppers, and finishers to complete your best bloody. Can’t go wrong with that!

Overall, these are just our (my) opinions. There are a ton of great spots in the Valley for cocktails. For us, it’s a mix of everything that makes a good cocktail become a great cocktail. We obviously have some of the best cocktails in Scottsdale plus some all over the Valley! Leave us a comment below if we missed a must have and we will jam over to give it a try!

Cheers. – CG

Written by Chris Gruler

I'm a lover, not a fighter. I enjoy building brands and running Reach out to me anytime for advice, assistance or to say hello.

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