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Best Family Restaurants in Scottsdale

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Best Family Restaurants in Scottsdale

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I have been married a little over a year (shout out to the wife) and since we are still enjoying the “honeymoon phase” for a little longer. The closest thing to a kid that we have are our two adorable dogs. Fur babies if you want to make it creepy. So when we dine out, the only real thing that we need to check on is if they serve food. Do they? Great, let’s go. If they allow pets, that is a bonus!
However, for the people with kids or babies (non-fur) it is not as easy. You don’t necessarily want to be bringing little Johhny and Sally to dine at a place with them super fancy cloth napkins and a sixty option wine list. Although, after the day you’ve had with little Johnny and Sally, you may need all sixty of those options. But good luck putting those two car seats in a Uber. No, you want to find Scottsdale restaurants that you and your kids will enjoy equally. All the while watching the family’s kids next to you acting just a little bit crazier than yours and making you feel good about your parenting skills. At least I know that is what future me will be doing.
Not to worry, ScottsdaleRestaurants.com has your back with our list of some of the best family restaurants in Scottsdale:
Sugar Bowl Ice Cream Parlor
What the people say: “I’ve been to the Sugar Bowl a few times. It’s a fun place for the family, good burgers, GREAT ice cream, a good place for lunch or to take your kids.” – Cameron K, “This place is so fun loved the ice cream and fun arcade for kids to be entertained at.” – Gregory Hopkins, “The Sugar Bowl is quintessential Old Town Scottsdale. Everything is a treat, and the decor is the best.” – Gene Montemore
What we say: Located in Old Town Scottsdale on 1st Ave and Scottsdale Road since 1958. A great place to bring your family for burgers, sundaes and great times. Highly recommend a Camelback Soda, which is an old-fashioned soda, with scoops of vanilla ice cream and an extra pitcher of soda water.
The Cider Mill Gourmet Market and Sandwich Shop
What the people say: “Had a prickly pear float and a Reuben sandwich for lunch. The food was very good, and the server was incredibly enthusiastic. A very fun experience. I highly recommend this place.” – Kyle McGhee, “Very tasty sandwiches and can’t wait to come back for more. Sodas are brewed onsite nice and refreshing.” – Troy Kinsel, “Delicious! The sandwiches are amazing, and they make their own sodas that leave you wanting more.” – Gordan Low
What we say: Also located in Old Town Scottsdale on Main and Brown in the Frontier Town Plaza. The Cider Mill is bringing back hand-crafted soda from the 50’s and making them stylish again Then pairing them with classic menu offerings. Make sure also to try the Old Timer’s Vanilla Cream or Orange Cream.
Hopdoddy Burger Bar
What the people say: “Nom nom nom.” – Brandon Shough, “Great experience, great atmosphere, incredibly fresh.” – Edgar Muro, “Excellent service, fast and fresh. Interesting burgers and flexibility with special requests. Great bar menu as well. Shakes were delicious.” – Scott Greenstone
What we say: Located north of Shea on the east side of Scottsdale Road. This place is awesome, scope out our video review to see how much we loved this particular Scottsdale restaurant.

Randy’s Restaurant & Ice Cream
What the people say: “It’s the most affordable place to eat in Scottsdale that we have found that has good food and great service. We recommend it.” – Ed Winkle, “Home style. Very nice crew.” – Mason Goodenow, “Always consistent, not fancy but good food & excellent service.” – Carol Mercer
What we say: Located on Chaparral just west of Hayden. This restaurant is a great find in Scottsdale. Especially, if you are looking for a like home cooked meal with great service at an affordable price. You owe it to yourself to check out Randy’s.
Brat Haus
What the people say: “Highly recommended! Great atmosphere and really enjoyed the different sauces on the table.” – Jeff Nudd, “They had giant Jenga outside. My kids loved it. We will be back.” – Sean Smith, “Great place to bring the family and make sure to try the Das Brat.” – Cindy Walton
What we say: Located on Scottsdale Road just north of Goldwater Blvd. Come enjoy the open-air patio and stay for the delicious grub and genuine hospitality. Then play some giant Jenga, bags or washers with the kids after dinner.
If you have any other family restaurants in Scottsdale, or anything else, that you would like to share with us, please let us know in the comments.

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