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Best Lunch in Scottsdale

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Best Lunch in Scottsdale

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As we mentioned last week, the year is winding down. People are looking ahead to presents, cookies and egg nog. You’re no different. Look at you, at work surfing the internets cussing out your crappy fantasy football team, browsing for Christmas present ideas and of course, reading ScottsdaleRestaurants.com.
Face it, you have Decemberitis. What is that you ask? It is when you are pretty much mentally checked out for the month of December. Symptoms include the inability to complete the simplest tasks, chronic mind wandering syndrome, being caught in the break room multiple times without a reason, random loss of hand-eye coordination when trying to make a phone call, and poor performance in meetings. It is rough, we know. So we ask, why try to fight it? Why not embrace it?
Hear us out, yes, you can do your best to be productive and yes, you don’t want to get fired. However, I bet even your boss is experiencing the dreaded symptoms of Decemberists. So, what we are saying is spin it to your advantage and suggest to your boss that you get the team together for an extended lunch. An Executive Lunch so to speak. Your coworkers will love you, your boss will like the initiative, and you will get some much needed time out of the office. It is a win-win and ScottsdaleRestaurants.com is here to help with our list of restaurants to get the best lunch in Scottsdale.


Why they made our list: A great spot, located in the heart of Old Town in the Entertainment District. Great atmosphere and delicious food. Bonus, there are plenty of games to play and off-track betting to possibly extend that Executive Lunch into Happy Hour. Check out our Video Review.

Rehab Burger Therapy

Why they made our list: Their motto at Rehab Burger Therapy is to “Check-In” to Rehab for some Burger Therapy. What better motto to cure you of your Decemberitis than that? So check-in, enjoy some mouthwatering burgers, and a laid back relaxed atmosphere. Check out our Video Review.

Tom’s Thumb

Why they made our list: Tom’s Thumb is a great spot if you are looking for a unique experience and great barbecue. Aside from the restaurant, Tom’s is part gas station, part car wash, part country store and all amazing. So you can get your car washed, do some shopping and fill up your tank after you chow down on some BBQ. Your boss will love the multitasking. Check out our Video Review.

The Henry

Why they made our list: As you know, we like to venture a little out of the Scottsdale bubble into areas surrounding Scottsdale that we like to call “The Fringe” of Scottsdale. The Henry falls into that area. It also falls into one of our favorite spots for breakfast, brunch, or dinner but especially lunch. Great decor and a very creative menu make it a must visit. Check out our Video Review.

Wildhorse Grille at Talking Stick Golf Club

Why they made our list: You will impress your boss with the amazing views, and you might get a raise when they taste the food. Yes, this Scottsdale restaurant is located on a golf course, but it stands alone when it comes to the food. So, even if you aren’t a golfer, this restaurant should be on your list to try. Check out our Video Review.

The Herb Box

Why they made our list: Say that you have to be productive and have to have a meeting. Why not move that meeting to this great Scottsdale restaurant. The amazing atmosphere and phenomenal food will definitely distract from your poor performance caused by your Decemberitis. Check out our Video Review.
We hope that this list helps you survive your Decemberitis. We will be back next week with more ways to embrace it!
Lastly, if we left your favorite Scottsdale restaurant spot off of the list please let us know in the comments below.
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