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Best Mac & Cheese in the Valley

mac & cheese

Best Mac & Cheese in the Valley

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*taps mic*
Ahem… Don’t try to compare us to another bad little fad, I’m the mac and I’m bad, give you something that you never had.
You think I’m quoting Kriss Kross – ok, I am quoting Kriss Kross – but I’m also quoting the best mac & cheese dishes in Scottsdale and Phoenix. That’s right, these mac & cheeses are the Miggity (x4) Mac Daddies. Some of the other ones try to rhyme but they can’t rhyme like this. Get them as a side, get them as an entree, or get them as an appetizer. However and whenever you eat them, these are kicking with the flavor that’ll make you want to… you know.

Thirteenorth Grille

We’re going to start with the Green Chili Chicken Mac at Thirteenorth Grille in North Phoenix. The cavatappi noodles they use grab more of the decadent cheese sauce making each bite extra creamy and cheesy. And that cheese sauce? It’s a housemade bechamel with boursin, cheddar and parmesan cheeses. The chicken gives you the protein you need to make it a full meal and the green chili gives it the perfect amount of kick.
Check out our video review to see Thirteenorth Grille’s other offerings:

Visit Thirteenorth Grille‘s directory listing for more info.

The Vig

So many options to make your Tenured Mac & Cheese exactly how you want it. You want it with chicken? Add it on. Short rib or shrimp? They have you covered. If you’re trying to pretend you’re being healthy with your Mac & Cheese, you can also get broccoli. Finally, if you want it Baked, they can do that also. The Vig is now up to five locations throughout Phoenix and Scottsdale, so chances are you’re never far from one.
Check out our video review to see The Vig’s other offerings:

For more info, visit thevig.us.

Backyards Patio Sports Lounge

The guys stressed in their video review that Backyards Patio does food way better than a bar has any business doing food. Proof of this is in the “Adulting” Mac ’n’ Cheese. Bacon, broccoli and five different cheeses will make you feel like a little kid when you eat it. Just don’t set aside the broccoli like you did back then – it’s a bad look.
Check out our video review to see Backyards Patio’s other offerings:

Visit Backyards Patio directory listing for more info.

Citizen Public House

Bernie’s Mac ‘n Cheese. Dated reference, damn good dish. Emmental and Gorgonzola combine for a savory, salty flavor but the star of the show is the chilled tomato relish that sits atop the plate. They serve it as a starter at “CPH” so, in theory, you can also have one of their excellent entrees that the guys tried during their visit.
Check out our video review to see Citizen Public House’s other offerings:

Visit Citizen Public House‘s directory listing for more info.

32 Shea

After narrowing down many great Mac & Cheese dishes to just five, I thought I was done. As I’m writing about the last selection, my “Director of Research”/girlfriend exclaimed, “32 Shea! The Lobster Mac-n-Cheese!” And shame on me for almost leaving them out. A creamy, rich, Gouda and Goat cheese sauce with garlic butter lobster tail meat and a… wait for it… white truffle oil drizzle. Yeah, if you haven’t been there yet, you gotta go.
For more info, visit 32Shea.com.

Roaring Fork

Time to come full circle and finish up with another Green Chili Mac & Cheese. Roaring Fork has multiple dishes with green chilies and they all turn up the heat. The Mac & Cheese is a side dish, but don’t let that dissuade you from ordering it. It’s good enough to be paired with whatever you get.
For more info, visit roaringfork.com.
Now that we’ve tried every possible way to spell Mac & Cheese differently, which is your favorite? Not your favorite way to spell it, your favorite place to eat it. Let us know in the comments.
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