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Best Outdoor Restaurants in Scottsdale

Outdoor Dining in Scottsdale

Best Outdoor Restaurants in Scottsdale

Can you believe that it is May already? Wow! Unreal how fast that this year is going. But it’s been awesome so far, and we have had some stellar weather. However, if you are anything like me you have a love/hate relationship with the 120-degree temps that are coming at us faster than Lebron down the lane on a fast break. Hello, topical and SPORTS! Killing it!
But seriously, it is going to get hot soon. Like real soon. So hot that all you are going to want to do is sit inside. Enjoying your air-conditioned home, sitting on your nice big comfy couch, with a nice big glass of fresh squeezed lemonade while binge watching Orange Is the New Black on Netflix and old episodes of Seinfeld Hulu. Wait, did I just give you a peek into my summer plans? Oh well. I’m not ashamed.
The point I am trying to make is you are going to be less inclined to venture out and enjoy some of the best outdoor dining in Scottsdale when the temps are topping triple digits. Sure, you can go and sit outside in late June or July. If you’re an animal! Just kidding. Sorta. Yes, you can do it, but it won’t be quite as enjoyable as it will be right now.
That leads me to my list of some of the best outdoor restaurants in Scottsdale:
El Chorro Lodge
What the people say: “Sticky buns… need I say more?” – MoniQue Hoffman “The views from the patio are amazing, and the food is always perfect.” – Steve Daniels
What we say: Yes, El Chorro is located in Paradise Valley. But it is well within the “Fringe” of Scottsdale, and we concur with the people – come for the patio, stay for the sticky buns!
K O’Donnell’s
What the people say: “Not sure where to start… the atmosphere is fun, the patio is amazing, the staff is efficient, and the food is out of this world! Great sports bar, we have all of our happy hours there and are never disappointed… HIGHLY RECOMMEND :)” – Angie Smith “Drink specials, free poker nights and a nice patio to enjoy the weather and/or a cigar keep me coming back. Best of all, there’s a complimentary shuttle picks me up and drops me off, so I don’t have to worry about driving.” – Mark Atanovich

What we say: You know from watching our review that we love this place. Their grilled wings are some of the best in the Valley, and we are a sucker for any restaurant that has a pet-friendly patio. #Doglover
Isabella’s Kitchen
What the people say: “One of the best atmospheres you will find in North Scottsdale. Total open-air restaurant. Patio seating is amazing as well as the view.” – Jen Turner “If you’re looking for a casual place to sit and have a cocktail while overlooking the valley, then this is the place. They have comfy couches and fire pits to sit by while looking at the view. The best time to go is at sunset!” – Christin Paty
What we say: As you can see, the people love the view. But don’t sleep on the food. The menu is somewhat limited but what they do, they do right. A must visit if you are in North Scottsdale.
Rehab Burger Therapy
What the people say: “If you are in Old Town Scottsdale and you are hungry, you HAVE to go to Rehab burger!! The quality of the burgers are top notch, and the PB&J burger is addictive.” – Michael Taylor “Two words: UH MAZING!” – Garrett Speraw
What we say: Four words – Best Burgers in Scottsdale . There is a reason Rehab is on our list. Amazing burgers and a killer atmosphere. Run, don’t walk and get yourself a burger on enjoy some therapy on their patio.

Four Peaks Grill & Tap
What the people say: “First time at Four Peaks Brewery. Best place in town, the state. Hospitality was great. Food was great.” – Jay Christensen “Good food, good atmosphere, good beer. What’s not to love?” – Aaron Malin
What we say: If you have ever experienced the magic that is Four Peaks in Tempe then you are in for a treat as they have recreated that same magic in Scottsdale. Yep, it’s true.
Brat Haus
What the people say: “Highly recommended! Great atmosphere and really enjoyed the different sauces on the table. Ordered Das Brat and was not disappointed!” Jeff Nudd “Really cool place to hang out after work. Outdoor environment is fun and a great way to meet others sitting at the long benches.” – Tony Potts
What we say: Great spot to do some outdoor dining in Scottsdale. There are a lot of choices in Old Town, and we are a fan of a lot more. But there is just something unique about this place that keeps us coming back. Go and try it for yourself. You at least have to try the Giant Pretzel or do a Pig Roast at least once. Bucket list type stuff.
Per usual, there are a ton of great restaurants that were left off the list for no other reason than I got tired of writing. But rest assured you will not be disappointed when you go do some outdoor dining at any of the best outdoor restaurants in Scottsdale I listed above.
But do it quick, summer is coming.

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