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Looking for the Best Patios in Scottsdale?

patios in scottsdale

Best Patios in Scottsdale

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Yes, yes, yes! Temps are dropping, finally, kind of, sort of. Ok, I know that the temps are still playing around in the 90’s during the day. Btw, not cool. Literally.  Sorry, couldn’t resist. However, they are utterly awesome in the evening. There is absolutely no arguing that. In Arizona when the temps start dropping, especially in the evening, only one word comes to mind. That word my friends, is patio. It doesn’t matter what kind patios in Scottsdale that you are looking for, we have found them.
Got em.
Got em.
Got em.
Pretty much any patio that you want to enjoy this beautiful weather on for whatever purpose, we have found them. I know, I know, it was tough work, but hey, someone has to do it. We want to make sure that you are taken care of for all your leisurely open air needs. So now, check out our list of the best patios in Scottsdale then Treat. Yo. Self. you’ve earned it after surviving another Arizona summer. Cheers to you!

K O’Donnells

Patio Mood: Award-Winning
Details: What awards did it win? Umm, all of them. Cozy fireplaces, comfortable cigar-friendly seating and great music and the best part, it is pet-friendly. Did we mention that they have happy hour twice a day? Check out our Video Review.

Brickyard Grill at Octane Raceway

Patio Mood: Brickyard
Details: The Brickyard Patio is a leisurely spot to enjoy in between tearing up the indoor/outdoor Octane Raceway track. Good food, games and of course, burn some rubber. Check out our Video Review.

Social Tap

Patio Mood: Social
Details: The name states it all. The patio for the social butterfly who enjoys friendships, food, drinks and maybe some patio games Also, a great spot to watch a game. Make sure to shout out Andre and tell him we sent you. Check out our Video Review.


Patio Mood: All the Patios
Details: If you have never been to Topgolf, first, weird. Second, it is a the ultimate patio. I mean, it is pretty much all patio. Hit some balls, play some games and explore the very underrated food menu. Check out our Video Review.


Patio Mood: Relaxing
Details: Tucked in right next to a beautiful fountain, the Metropolis patio is a great spot to kick back after a long day to enjoy a drink and dinner or happy hour. As a bonus, Metropolis gets creative with their menu items daily and has a great happy hour. Check out our Video Review.

Wasted Grain

Patio Mood: Backyard
Details: If you are looking for a home sweet home type of feel then Wasted Grain is your spot. Games to play, drinks to drink and food to grub. Wasted Grain has it all. Check out our Video Review.

Sip Coffee & Beer House/Garage

Patio Mood: Productive
Details: This is a two parter as Sip has two completely unique and awesome locations. Both locations however have great patios. Chill for happy hour or get some work done as you “sip” on a beverage outside. Sip is the spot. Check out our Video Review of  the House and the Garage.

Pane E Vino

Patio Mood: Classy
Details: If you are looking to class it up a little bit Pane E Vino should be your choice. Pane has a beautiful dining room but if you want to enjoy all that Pane has to offer outside, the Pane E Vino Lounge & Bar is your jam. Seriously, Pane has some of the best Italian food in the Valley. Check out our Video Review of the Dining Room and the Lounge for Happy Hour.

Farm and Craft

Patio Mood: Healthy
Details: One word – inviting. That is what you will feel when you arrive at Farm and Craft. Then once you settle in on their patio with your healthy meal and beverage get ready. You are going to enjoy yourself and bonus, you will be doing it all while not feeling guilty about it! Check out our Video Review.

Loco Patron – Old Town Scottsdale

Patio Mood: Loco
Details: We can not do a best patios in Scottsdale list and not include Loco Patron. Loco is a staple of Old Town Scottsdale and a great spot to go if you want to get a little Loco and of course, enjoy the best chips & salsa in the Valley. Check out our Video Review.


Patio Mood: Romantic
Details: Last but definitely not least, we have Monarch. Monarch is mind-blowingly good. I ask you, what is better than four courses of delicious food on their romantic patio? The answer is not much. You owe it to yourself and your taste buds to visit the Monarch patio. Check out our Video Review.

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If you don’t see your favorite spot listed, please let us know in the comments below.

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