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Best Pizza in Phoenix

Pizzaria Bianco

Best Pizza in Phoenix – Break Me Off a Pizza Dat A**

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With everyone and their mom posting Valentine’s Day pizza memes and the recent naming of Phoenix as the No. 1 Pizza City by Travel and Leisure Magazine, I figured why not shine some more light on how awesome Phoenix pizza really is. Specifically, the concentrated five-mile area of amazing pizza located in the heart of downtown Phoenix. We’ll start west, head east and scribble along the streets of downtown.

grand avenue pizza
Photo courtesy of @thedowntownbetty

Grand Avenue Pizza – 1031 Grand Avenue 

Even though this may be a pizza by the slice joint, it’s also a made from scratch place too. Another big time bonus? It’s open until 4 am. So, whether or not you’re traveling home from Bikini Lounge, having your Uber take a downtown detour or calling in delivery, Grand Ave Pizza is what we sometimes call a lifesaver. At only $2.50 a cheese slice, the quality is much better than you’d expect and so is the time of service. A fun little point of advice- follow them on social media.

Photo courtesy of @thedowntownbetty

Pizzeria Bianco/ Pane Bianco – 623 E Adams Street/4404 N Central Avenue (2 of 3 locations)

The wood-fired Neapolitan pizza spot that put Phoenix on the map for being a pizza city. Incredible titles and awards given by trusted outlets such as the, NY Times, Rachel Ray, Food & Wine and James Beard, this place is well-deserving of the hype. Intimate, authentic and charming are a few words that come to mind. I also feel a bit spoiled now that it’s open now to enjoy lunch and on Sunday’s. Also, due to increased demand, along came Pane Bianco, an excellent choice to quench your Bianco craving for a quick dine-in session or even take-out a little farther north.

la piazza phx
Photo courtesy of @thedowntownbetty

La Piazza Phx – 1 N First Street

Authentic, low-key and super quality pizza close to all of the classic downtown fun- Talking Stick Arena, Baseball Stadium… you get the gist. So authentic that they proudly state they are a Verace Pizza Napoletana (True Napoletana Pizza) Certified Neapolitan Pizzeria. Yes, there is an association exists that determines and monitors these type of things and we’re lucky enough to have this kind of pizza joint right in our neighborhood next to a bunch of stuff to do.

Photo courtesy of @thedowntownbetty

Cibo – 603 N Fifth Avenue

As far as atmosphere goes, this place is numero uno. SO quaint. In an old historic home in a historic neighborhood. This dog-friendly patio space when lit with a nice fire and acoustic sounds, is the ultimate date spot. Maybe that’s just me because I like to bring my dog everywhere. But either way, this place will charm the socks off you. Known for more than just pizza, try the housemade pasta (order the special!). Also, make sure to treat yourself to crepes for dolci. My personal favorite- the Suzette. All I’ve got to say is, orange marmalade.

pomo pizzeria downtown
Photo courtesy of @thedowntownbetty

Pomo Pizzeria – 705 N 1st Street, Suite 120

Pomo Forno Fabbri! Again with the wood oven burning pizza stove! Neopolitan pizzas, family recipe, chef and high-quality ingredients driven, this place is pizza to look forward to. A casual vibe meshes well with the menu. Together they make a night out for pizza a special experience without being too over-the-top.

Photo courtesy of @thedowntownbetty

Forno 301 – 301 W Roosevelt Street

A “True Authentic Italian Experience,” is a true statement. A little family-owned and run spot downtown that kind of feels like you’re hanging out with family. Maybe your authentic Italian family. That speaks English as a second language and makes you wish you grew up with them. Especially if you go in somewhat frequently. Open for lunch and dinner during the week and dinner on the weekends. Forno 301 is a perfect place to go and split a salad, pizza, and dessert. It’s also the place you go and ask for a “red.” Then know that a good glass is coming your way. Like I said, feels like family….
The great thing about pizza in Phoenix and the Valley as a whole is that you can continue any which way towards uptown. Through Biltmore/Arcadia. Up to Scottsdale or even up north and still run into good pizza. It’s so crazy to me that I stay more than satisfied with ample offerings so close to one another downtown. However, I will boast about it until it makes sense to not.
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