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Best Restaurants in Phoenix Area (Spring 2018)


Best Restaurants in Phoenix Area (Spring 2018 Edition)

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Yup. I’m taking a crack at this writing stuff. Here we go….
When we started this journey, all I knew was that I loved a great bourbon and could tell which restaurants put a considerable amount of attention to detail into their food. These are the type of places that I would frequent. A lot of them have great atmospheres which play a huge role in today’s landscape. ON top of that, if you provide exceptional service, deliver a quality product and give a shit about your customer, you have me for life.
Scottsdale and the greater Phoenix area has been a sleeper as far as dining goes for years. At least, in my humble opinion. So with that in mind, you know we had to drop our list of the best restaurants in Phoenix area (Spring 2018 Edition).
In no particular order…

Cafe Monarch

Owners Christian and Phil have this spot ON LOCK! They are consistently voted as one of the best restaurants in Scottsdale…and the U.S. They recently just opened up their 2.0 location (right across the street from the original Cafe Monarch), and they didn’t spare any expense. Beautiful dining room and patio that both compliment the food and service they produce. This place is bonkers and deserves every positive review that gets thrown their way.

Visit Cafe Monarch‘s directory listing for more info.


Pasta made fresh daily…. and their negroni is on POINT! Simply put, POMO is the REAL DEAL. Pizzas are true to the heritage of the owner, and the love they place into their fare speaks volumes to me. No wonder this spot is packed every night.

Visit POMO‘s directory listing for more info.


This Delicatessen is my JAM! Iced coffee is some of the best in the valley. Period. Great portion sizes and they have a HUGE menu of breakfast and lunch options. They make all of their bagels in house. The best part of JJ’s, in my opinion, is the ownership and staff. They make you feel welcome over time, and you can’t help but feel like you are part of their family. This is what it’s all about!

Visit JJ’s directory listing for more info.

The Gladly

Great bourbon list and cocktail menu. Also, Chef game is strong with them, and they just revamped their entire menu. Lastly, their raw bar is dialed zeeeee efff in and produce some fantastic raw plates that are a must. One being their CRUDO. Just dumb.

Visit The Gladly‘s directory listing for more info.

Sonata’s Restaurant

When I first walked into this restaurant, I was blown away by the decor. Very elegant and high end. Their food is super unique, which has a Lithuanian influence, and unbelievably delicious. Their starter that is bread fried in duck fat with melted cheese covering it is something that I could eat with every meal or for every meal. Lastly, their cocktail program is LEGIT! Barrel aged cocktails and some heavy hitters behind the bar make this spot a must visit. Nothing like it in that location of Scottsdale (Scottsdale Rd and Shea).

Visit Sonata’s Restaurant‘s directory listing for more info.

Hand Cut

RIOT hits a home run with this concept. High-quality cuts of meat for a great price is on the menu here. My favorite dish on the menu is a side dish… Salt & Vinegar Fries! Great atmosphere here for both lunch and dinner. Plus, top that off with a lovely Old Fashioned from one of their phenomenal bartenders!

Visit Hand Cut‘s directory listing for more info.

Los Sombreros

Okay so Los Sombreros is a sleeper, and I have no clue why. The quality of Mexican food that they pump out of that kitchen is nothing short of ridiculous. New ownership has taken place over the last six months they have taken this spot to another level. Be sure to sit out on the patio and snag a margarita and guac to start your food journey there. Trust me.

Visit Los Sombreros‘s directory listing for more info.

Rehab Burger Therapy

No brainer. Rehab Burger Therapy KILLS the burger game! They are always coming up with new creations and testing the limits of the patrons’ palate! Their Bacon Peanut Butter and Jelly Burger with Sriracha is mind blowing! Time to make a visit if you already haven’t.

Binkley’s Restaurant

Duh. I’ve been a massive fan of Binkley’s since the Cave Creek days. I visited that spot more times than I should have. Chef is always innovating and is a master of his craft. I remember getting a tour in the kitchen, and the first thing I noticed is how tight of a ship that kitchen was run. That speaks volumes as to the type of food that was being produced. Anything Mr. Binkley touches, you shall attend.
For more info visit binkleysrestaurant.com

Restaurant Progress

I took my wife here a few times and each time I am left full but still wanting so much more. I’ll take the left side of the menu, please? A very quaint establishment with unique cocktails and a menu that changes rapidly. This restaurant is here to stay and is an absolute MUST visit!
For more info visit the Restaurant Progress facebook page

Blind Dragon

A brand new spot that surprised me, to say the least! Blind Dragon just opened in the Entertainment District and currently has two other locations; West Hollywood and Dubai. What?!? This super hip karaoke cocktail and small plate spot transforms you the minute you walk in. Drinks are ON POINT, and share plates add to the collectiveness and group atmosphere that it brings. A must visit!
For more info visit blinddragonscottsdale.com


Overall, it’s a great list I believe. Some others could be in here, no problem. My list of best restaurants in Phoenix comes with a grain of salt… as I am not a foodie, rather a normal ass human being that just loves a good meal and cocktail/beer. Strictly my humble opinion.
Hope you enjoyed this list of best restaurants in Phoenix and as always, we appreciate you following! Cheers. – CG

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