Best Restaurants in the Valley RIGHT NOW! (Fall 2018)

Best Restaurants in the Valley RIGHT NOW! (Fall 2018)

Best Restaurants in the Valley RIGHT NOW! (Fall 2018)

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It’s that time again! Time for us to list our Best Restaurants in the Valley!! Now, keep in mind, Phoenix and Scottsdale have EXPLODED with fantastic restaurants. Many of which, didn’t make the list. We wanted to get a list that included staples, heavy hitters and unique fare that will make everyone’s head spin! Here is our Best Restaurants in the Valley…. in no particular order.

Trapp Haus BBQ

We haven’t visited this spot on camera yet but trust us, Trapp Haus BBQ plays NO GAMES!! People have been raving about their BBQ and for good reason. Phil The Grill runs the PIT and has championship caliber BBQ, from EVERYONE we have heard from. Time for you to stop in….we will be following shortly!

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The Gladly

The Gladly is ALWAYS evolving and you will notice that simply by seeing our newest review of them below. Our main man Donald is also KILLING the GAME with his raw bar. He is creating amazing dishes and small plates. The Gladly recently changed their menu again but kept the classics. Check them out below:

Cotton and Copper

My wife (which I have) surprised me with a dinner date to the newly opened Cotton and Copper. This place did not disappoint in the slightest. Their motto is honest provisions for all. All of their food is locally sourced. Their drinks are made to perfection (I had a Boulevardier and Old Fashioned) and their fish rillettes were a fantastic starter. Overall this place is a home run. Get in early, cause it’s a happening spot.

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Hand Cut Burgers and Chophouse

Hand Cut has been at the top of our list for a while now. They have stayed very consistent with this concept and it shows. Great cocktails and appetizers! Our favorites are the old fashioned and wings! Hand Cut has great decor and atmosphere to go along with it. A MUST TRY!

Rehab Burger Therapy

Easily one of my top burger joints in Arizona! Their unique approach and taking burgers to the next level is something that is tough to replicate, which is why they are so successful. Majority of their burgers have a cult following and for good reason. Check out the video below for ALL THE GOODNESS and visit 1 of their 3 location in the Valley!

Sorso Wine Room

Sorso Wine Room made our list this year simply because they have stayed consistent while evolving on the food side. Their focus on great, unique wines, help them KILL IT up in the Scottsdale Quarter. Their bruschettas are straight fire and they have introduced a ton of new options on their new menu. Sandwiches are on that list too. We haven’t tried them yet but have heard from friends they are the real deal. For a great atmosphere, it’s time to check out Sorso! Mark and Lauren do a fantastic job and they have a family atmosphere the minute you walk in.

Cafe Monarch

Every year. Period. Always evolving and delivering unreal food items nightly. Their cocktail program has gotten a good boost as well once they entered into their new location (across the street from the old one). Nothing left to say other than Cafe Monarch is one of the best spots in Arizona. Period.

Pomo Pizzeria

Two words. Negroni Pizza. Well, its not a Negroni Pizza but these two items are hand down my favorite. Their negroni is classically made and pairs well, for me, with their Bufalo Verace pizza. SUPER FRESH and a must watch at their Scottsdale location (their oven). They recently re-opened their Phoenix location, which we have yet to visit but if it’s anything like their Scottsdale location, it will continue to be a Home Run!

Honorable Mentions (but could have easily made the list):

Restaurant Progress

Los Sombreros

Craft 64

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Written by Chris Gruler

I'm a lover, not a fighter. I enjoy building brands and running Reach out to me anytime for advice, assistance or to say hello.

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