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Best Scottsdale Date Night Spots

scottsdale date night

Best Scottsdale Date Night Spots

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This weekend something pretty big is happening. Our own Christopher is getting married. I know, crazy to think that he has found someone who is also a “huge fan” of many things or she at least will humor him when he goes on and on about how he loves a good Old Fashioned or frosted mugs or gets “dialed in” to one thing or another. Basically, she has the patience of a saint. All jokes aside, we love Chris and are super happy for him and his bride to be. We wish them a lifetime of happiness and hope they are “huge fans” of each other forever and ever.
That brings me to today’s article. When I was thinking about Christopher’s upcoming nuptials, I thought about relationships and what it takes to build and maintain a long standing successful relationship. Of course, there is trust. There is communication. There is romance, know what I’m saying? There is also love and respect for one another. But also, and this sneakily could be most important, there is date night. Think about it, how do you not only build but also nurture and grow all of that trust, romance, love & respect? By spending time together, talking, communicating. What is the best way to do it? That’s right, date night. Whether you just met that special someone and wanted get to know them better or you are in a committed relationship and wanted to build on what you already have. Date night is a perfect way to do just that.
Date night is also ideal for exploring new restaurants together and trying new things. Restaurants also make for good talking points if a particular date night is not going so well. Which brings me to our list of some killer spots for your next Scottsdale date night:

Drexyl Modern American

Why it makes for a great Scottsdale date night: A very welcome addition to Scottsdale. Drexyl offers a superb happy hour, signature vintage cocktails and a menu full of modern American cuisine making it a great spot for an after work date or a Saturday night date. Check out our Video Review

Inde Fusion

Why it makes for a great Scottsdale date night: An outside the box menu, Inde Fusion will tease your taste buds with flavor and leave them wanting more. A romantic, eloquent but not too over the top Scottsdale restaurant. Check out our Video Review


Why it makes for a great Scottsdale date night: Intimately located, but do not let the location fool you. Metropolis belongs on any Scottsdale date night list. Great atmosphere and even better menu. Recommend sitting outside on their patio. Check out our Video Review

The Toasted Cork

Why it makes for a great Scottsdale date night: Something different, a multitude of grilled cheese options and killer wine pairings. Come hungry and plan to stay awhile. Check out our Video Review

Black and Bleu American Grill

Why it makes for a great Scottsdale date night: A great Scottsdale restaurant to enjoy a steak or perhaps their famous Prime Rib. Also, a cocktail from their ever expanding creative cocktail menu. Did I mention dancing?! Check out our Video Review

Topgolf Scottsdale at Riverwalk

Why it makes for a great Scottsdale date night: What better way to bond with your significant other than a little friendly competition? Also, you can enjoy some unique menu items and cocktails. Fore! Check out our Video Review

Pane E Vino

Why it makes for a great Scottsdale date night: This is a must visit for any Italian food lover in the Valley. Have your Lady and the Tramp moment and have lots of bread and wine. The best! Check out our Video Review and they also have a killer happy hour.

Pho King Kitchen

Why it makes for a great Scottsdale date night: Not your traditional Scottsdale date night but this will be a place that you will keep coming back to. Unique and delicious for the more adventurous couple. Check out our Video Review

Sorso Wine Room

Why it makes for a great Scottsdale date night: Umm, read that name again. How does that not say good Scottsdale date night? Great sharing plates and did I mention a vast, vast wine selection of which that you get to choose and pour yourself. Check out our Video Review


Why it makes for a great Scottsdale date night: For the couple who is looking for some games, some superb cocktails, and food. Bevvy is the spot. Enjoy some apps, play some giant Jenga and then dance the night away. Check out our Video Review
We hope that you enjoyed our list, and if we missed a spot, please let us know in the comments below. In the meantime, get out there and enjoy some romance on a Scottsdale date night of your own. Who knows, after a couple more date nights, your nuptials could be coming up next?
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