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Best Scottsdale Restaurant Atmospheres

scottsdale restaurant atmosphere

Best Scottsdale Restaurant Atmospheres

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We were filming a Scottsdale restaurant recently, and Miguel commented on the smell of the restaurant, and how inviting it was and how just by that smell alone, he wanted to dine there. To him, it could be the food that smells good, or perhaps some flowers or candles. Either way, if the restaurant has an inviting smell, he is ready to dine.
That got me thinking, what makes for a great Scottsdale restaurant atmosphere? The word atmosphere is defined as the pervading tone or mood of a place, situation, or work of art and a pleasurable and interesting or exciting mood. So, to someone like Miguel, it could be the smell that does gives him that exciting mood. To others, it could be the decor that does it. Or it could just be the vibe that a person feels when they walk into the restaurant coming from maybe the music, the staff or the other patrons. Whatever it is that does it for you, we hope that our list has a little something for everyone. So, without further ado, here is our list of some of the best Scottsdale restaurant atmospheres:

Sorso Wine Room

Why they made our list: Located in the Scottsdale Quarter which is always has a lively, fun feel. That doesn’t change when you walk into Sorso Wine Room. With great decor and inviting lounge style seating, you will fell right at home. Also, did we mention you get a card that enables you to pour your own wine?

The Montauk

Why they made our list: Located in Old Town Scottsdale, The Montauk gets its name from Montauk, NY and it gets its look from one of the many great houses that you would find sitting beachside in upstate New York. Pair that with a great food menu and a creative cocktail list and you have a winner.

The Gladly

Why they made our list: We know that The Gladly is not exactly in Scottsdale. However, it makes our list because of the vibe alone. The Gladly is a place you can go to for a romantic date night, a weekday happy hour or even a weekend brunch and you will come away having had a great experience. Plus, Original Chopped Salad.

Social Tap

Why they made our list: A relatively new addition to Old Town Scottsdale. Social Tap pulls out all of the stops, a great spot to watch a sporting event (hello football!) or do a group dinner or maybe a happy hour. The staff is lively and inviting as is the unique decor. Eat. Drink. Be Social.

Decantur – The Winery at DC Ranch

Why they made our list: Decantur is located in North Scottsdale and being as I live in Old Town Scottsdale the fact that it is not closer to me saddens me. Although, it may be a good thing as if it was closer I would be there all the time. Decantur has a welcoming feel right as you walk in and then once you sit down and get a look at their wine selection and custom food pairings you may never want to leave.  Check out our Decantur Video Review


Why they made our list: What can we say about Bevvy that we haven’t already? We love it. The atmosphere is always top notch. From brunch to happy hour to dinner and even if you hang out post dinner to listen to some great music and play games. Bevvy has a little something for everyone. Did I mention they also have Off Track Betting? Stop. I know. Add Bevvy to your must visit list the next time you are in Old Town Scottsdale.  Check out our Bevvy Video Review


Why they made our list: Located in the Scottsdale Camelview Optima, Metropolis is a unique Scottsdale restaurant. If you are looking for a slightly livelier atmosphere you can dine inside or if you are looking for something a little different and relaxing you can dine outside next to the fountains. Either way, you are in for a treat. Metropolis runs different daily specials with new menu items all the time, so you are guaranteed a unique experience every time you visit.

Farm and Craft

Why they made our list: Another new addition to Old Town Scottsdale Farm and Craft lives up to its name in spades with it’s creative and healthy food and drink offerings. But what will impress you the most will be the feeling you get when you walk in, it is as though you are transported to a different place and well, it just makes you happy. Pro-Tip: Do the Build Your Own!

If we left a particular Scottsdale restaurant atmosphere off of the list please let us know which restaurant and why in the comments below.
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