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Best Scottsdale Restaurant Patios

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Best Scottsdale Restaurant Patios

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Finally, it has happened. Maybe. What’s that now? Fall. It’s here. Well, kind of sort of a little bit. What I mean is that it is not so terribly hot outside that all you want to do is stay inside to Netflix and chill. Yes, I know that that may mean one thing to some. But in the context that I am using it, I meant to stay inside with the AC on high and binge-watch House of Cards. Again.
But since the weather has finally steered its way out of the triple digits you can come out of the house and enjoy the outside. Yes, you could go hiking, running, walk the dog, go for a bike ride or really just do anything active outside. Or you could venture out to enjoy a nice meal and some drinks at a nice Scottsdale restaurant with a superb patio.
Let me paint the picture for you, a brisk early Scottsdale, Arizona evening as the sun is setting. You take a picture of the sunset. Post it on social media. The likes roll in. You set your phone down on your Scottsdale restaurant patio table. Pick up the menu. Order some appetizers and a nice refreshing cocktail, beer or whatever you are into. You chat with whoever was lucky enough to join you. Your drink comes. You take a sip and then take in the last couple seconds of that sunset. Then you smile and for a moment, you are in your happy place and there is nowhere else that you would rather be.
Doesn’t that sound nice? Yeah, we agree as well. So what we have here today is our list of the best Scottsdale restaurants with patios. So put down the remote, turn off the Apple TV and head to a Scottsdale restaurant patio near you to visit your own happy place.

Union Barrelhouse

What you need to know: Union Barrelhouse not only has like a gazillion beers on tap, they also have a phenomenal patio. A great place to go for happy hour, dinner or just an afternoon with friends. Food recommendation is the Sargeant Pepper.  Check out our Video Review.

Cold Beers & Cheeseburgers

What you need to know: This place is always rocking no matter the season but now that the weather is beautiful outside that gives you even more reason to pop by and snag a spot on the patio. Great spot to catch a baseball game (sorry Cubs fans) and enjoy some of the best burgers in the Valley. Scope our party video and make sure to Check out our Video Review.

Topgolf – Scottsdale

What you need to know: We keep telling you, Topgolf is so much more than golf. They have a great and I mean great patio to hang out on and play games. Top notch staff and the food, well the food will shock, surprise and amaze you. They are definitely doing things right. Check out our Video Review.


What you need to know: We love love love this spot, while the inside is perfection in design, the outside patio is a close second. Dakota is a great spot to sit on the patio and have brunch or a happy hour and trust us, order the Kale Salad and add chicken. Your taste buds will thank you. Check out our Video Review.

K O’Donnells

What you need to know: Their award winning patio is one of the best in the Valley. We are talking  cozy fireplaces, comfortable cigar-friendly seating and great music and best of all, it is pet friendly! Then once you factor in the food and drink menu. This is a spot that is a must visit in Scottsdale. Check out our Video Review.
For more Scottsdale restaurants, please visit our Restaurant Directory.
If you don’t see your favorite spot listed, please let us know in the comments below.

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