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Best Scottsdale Mexican Restaurants for the Food Addict

mexican food in Scottsdale

Mexican Restaurants Scottsdale

Before you check out this list, check out our latest video review of Blanco Tacos and Tequila! 
My name is Troy, and I am a Mexican food addict. I am comfortable saying this here, because I believe this is a safe space where I will not be judged. I also don’t think that I am alone. I think that a lot of you are Mexican food addicts as well. Which is fine, it is not something for which you should be ashamed.
Here are some of the signs of addiction – Have you never met an order of chips and salsa that you didn’t like? Add some guacamole, and now you’re partying? Have you blacked out only to come to with an empty bowl of Chile con queso, chip crumbs on your shirt and not sure what happened? Taco Tuesday? More like Taco Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and twice on Sunday. Smothered Burrito? That tortilla better be swimming. Nachos?! Don’t tempt me with a good time! Taquitos on the menu? Do you always think about how many of them you can order without being looked at weird? The answer to green chili is always yes. When you hear bottomless, you immediately get excited, and it has nothing to do with pants?
Any of that sound familiar? If so, it’s ok. The key to controlling your addiction is moderat… Scratch that, you need to feed your addiction (pun intended) with good quality Mexican food in Scottsdale. But where do you start? Here in Scottsdale, there are many options for awesome Mexican restaurants Scottsdale. From the gourmet fare to the small taco shops, we here at ScottsdaleRestaurants.com got you covered in green chili. So grab some equally addicted friends and venture out to our best Mexican Restaurants Scottsdale!
Carlsbad Tavern
What Google says: When your taste buds are craving something with a little kick, stop by this cozy spot for a touch of New-Mexican Grub. You’ll find a cave-like atmosphere inside and great patio dining outside, with heaters in the winter and misters in the summer.
What a Mexican food addict says: If you are looking to get crazy then the Habanero Cheeseburger is the way to go. If that’s not your style. I also recommend the Blue Corn Enchiladas. Six words, Topped with Hatch green chile sauce. Drink suggestion: Sailors Mule.
America’s Taco Shop
What Google says: Created by America Corrales, using her mother’s handwritten recipes, America opened her first America’s Taco Shop in Phoenix in 2008 and has since expanded to multiple locations including two, thankfully, in Scottsdale.
What a Mexican food addict says: Her Carne Asada is legendary. If you haven’t experienced it yet, add it to your list of things to do, now. Also, highly recommend the Cuatro. Which is chips, salsa, guacamole and homemade beans to accompany whatever else you order. Make sure to save room for America’s Corn! Drink suggestion: Cochata, which is iced coffee and Horchata.
The Blind Pig
What Google says: Inspired by Prohibition-era speakeasy establishments and your friendly local butcher shop, The Blind Pig serves up some of the best upscale, creative Mexican food in the Valley. With a full bar and outstanding outdoor seating, The Blind Pig is the perfect spot to dine with friends, or have a drink on the fountain patio beneath a collection of towering date palms.
What a Mexican food addict says: Don’t let The Blind Pig name full you; they definitely know what they are doing in the kitchen. Pig Wings are your go-to appetizer order, along with the Queso Fundido, of course. Or if you are feeling a little randy take down some oysters. For your entrée, you can’t go wrong with the Pig’s Mexican Pizza. Drink Suggestion: The Mexican Martini.
Frank & Lupe’s
What Google says: Experience authentic Mexican food, from delicious appetizers, steaks, Mexican dishes, desserts and much more. They have happy hour every day where they serve some of the best margarita’s in town.
What a Mexican food addict says: The Tamale Plate should be first on your list to try or if you have a very healthy appetite then make sure you order the Carnitas Platter w/ Avocado. As Google says, they do serve some of the best marg’s in town. So, at least one marg, ok two, would be my drink suggestion.
Barrio Queen
What Google says: Hip Mexican street-influenced eatery turning out tacos & cocktails amid Day of the Dead decor.
What a Mexican food addict says: Start your meal off with some tableside Barrio Guacamole then make your way to Chile Verde and finish the trifecta off with The Queens Enchiladas. You can add crab or shrimp to those bad boys if you’re looking for a little something extra. Pro-Tip: Go with the shrimp. Drink suggestion: Barrio Punch
Ricky’s Tacos and Beer
What Google says: Ricky’s Tacos and Beer sits near Scottsdale and Camelback roads, in a neighborhood full of nightclubs. However, Ricardo Celaya, a young entrepreneur born in Sonora, Mexico, has gone further with a satisfying menu of Mexican favorites elevated above the usual Sonoran fare.
What a Mexican food addict says: Guacamole. That is what you need to know. What you also need to know is that they are open til 3am on Friday and Saturday nights. I know my fellow Mexican food addicts out there looking to get a late night fix will appreciate this. The Fajitas and Ricky’s Famous Tacos will cure what ails you! Drink suggestion: All the drinks, with a side of Uber.
Cien Agaves
What Google says: Casual, upbeat, fun and located right in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale, Cien Agaves Tacos & Tequila is a favorite among locals and out-of-towners for tasty tacos and top-shelf tequila. Stop in before or after shopping and Spring Training games, or jump-start your night on the town with our 100 premium, handcrafted tequilas and made-to-order specialty margaritas.
What a Mexican food addict says: Taco Tuesday features $2 Shredded Beef Tacos all day, which are amazing! You can go other days and try the plethora of other delicious tacos but save Tuesday for the Shredded Beef. You can wash those tacos down with those 100 plus tequilas or the made fresh Red Sangria.
The Mission
What Google says: Serves Modern Latin Cuisine. In a sophisticated yet casual setting, Chef Matt Carter and Brian Raab mix tradition and ingenuity in their signature dishes and hand-pressed cocktails.
What a Mexican food addict says: Like Cien Agave, The Mission also has a HUGE selection of tequila. Which I highly suggest you explore while dining on possibly the Tecate Skirt Steak or the smoked & slow braised for 12 hours Pork Shoulder. Or if you fancy a fish, the Chilean Salmon is all that and then some. Drink suggestion: Tequila, of course.
Old Town Tortilla Factory
What Google says: Southwestern with a Mexican twist. This Scottsdale restaurant has a perfect atmosphere to accommodate an intimate dinner for two or a dinner party for up to three hundred. Loyal and experienced staff committed to serving you the ultimate Southwestern dining experience. Homemade tortillas anchor the Mexican menu at this adobe house with many tequilas & a garden patio.
What a Mexican food addict says: I am going to have to agree with google as well as state the obvious, make sure you order something with a tortilla. I recommend the Flautas Con Mole or some Tortilla Soup for your appetizer and then the Green Enchilada to leave you full and very happy! Drink suggestion: Mrs. Sames Original Margarita
La Hacienda
What Google says: See what they mean by “Old Ways, New Hands” as you savor classic Mexican recipes in enticing new ways, featuring fresh, indigenous ingredients, lighter dishes and unexpected pairings of traditional foods. In an environment that showcases an upscale, sophisticated dining atmosphere for the modern day, while still cherishing the traditions of the past.
What a Mexican food addict says: For the upscale Mexican food addict, but don’t let the fancy shmancy atmosphere full you. This place is full of addicts who love good Mexican food as much as you. The Carne Asada is a must try as well as the Pollo en Mole Rojo. The Mexico City Fajitas are also a crowd pleaser. Top of your meal with a Flaming coffee, which not only tastes amazing but its presentation is worth the price of admission.

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