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Best Scottsdale Restaurants (Right Now) Spring 2016

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Best Scottsdale Restaurants (Right Now) Spring 2016

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Guess what?! It is that time again! Time for us to drop you the best Scottsdale restaurants (right now), spring 2016 version. We figured that it was time. Spring training baseball is winding down, so the hundreds of out-a-state baseball & good weather fans will be heading back to their respective homes. We love having you, we do. But we will also be happy to have our streets and, more importantly, our restaurants less crowded. Nothing personal, we swear.
For the local Scottsdale residents, where should you go? Where should you spend your hard-earned dollars? Where should you enjoy the soon to be smaller crowds? Well, you know we always have your back. Before we get to the list, we always like to mention that, if your favorite Scottsdale restaurant isn’t listed it doesn’t mean that we don’t love it. We are just feeling these particular Scottsdale restaurants a little more (right now). Without further ado, in no particular order, here is our list of the best Scottsdale restaurants (right now), spring 2016 edition:

Inde Fusion

Why They Made Our List: Any restaurant that takes your taste buds on a culinary journey by combining the rich flavors, sauces and spices of the East and marries them with American favorites like tacos, shrimp and grits, baby back ribs and more. Deserves to be on every best Scottsdale restaurants list ever. Pro-Tip: Start with the Shishito Peppers, you will not be disappointed. Check out our Video Review


Why They Made Our List: Not only does Bevvy have a very slept on food menu this spot owns one of the best atmospheres in Old Town Scottsdale. Games to be played, horses to be bet on and most importantly cocktails to be enjoyed. Come prepared for good food and an even better time. Check out our Video Review

Black and Bleu American Grill

Why They Made Our List: We recently found out about Black and Bleu, and we are sad that it took us this long. This Scottsdale restaurant stakes claim to some of the best Prime Rib in the Valley courtesy of Chef Jimmy, and the rest of their menu deserves to be explored as well. A great patio, inviting dining room and they even have a seperate room if you are looking to host a group. Black and Bleu has it all. What are you waiting for? Check out our Video Review

Pho King Kitchen

Why They Made Our List: Pho King awesome! That is what comes to mind when we think about the Pho King Kitchen. Puns aside, if you have not been yet, you owe it to yourself to go and try Pho King Kitchen. Full disclaimer, after we filmed here, I went back and enjoyed a meal at Pho King not once but twice in the same week. What can I say? It is Pho King awesome! Sorry, couldn’t resist the second pun. Check out our Video Review


Why They Made Our List: This is a well run and delightful Old Town spot, owner Ryan is heavily involved in everything from the super fresh ingredients to the ever changing menu. He takes a lot of pride in making sure everyone who comes to Metropolis not only has a great meal but a great experience. Check out our Video Review

Blanco Tacos and Tequila

Why They Made Our List: It is no secret that Blanco Tacos & Tequila still goes down as one of our favorite video reviews that we have filmed. From the food to the drinks and the atmosphere it was just a perfect storm of magnificent. We still have dreams of the Esquites Grilled Mexican Street Corn. No, it is not strange that we dream of street corn. Check out our Video Review

Pane E Vino

Why They Made Our List: Where do we start with Pane? Do you like award winning Italian food in an elegant dining atmosphere? Check. Do you like one of the best happy hour menus in the Valley? Check. Pane E Vino has been doing what they do for almost two decades, and they show no signs of slowing down. Make plans to visit Pane E Vino sooner than later. Check out our Video Review and our Happy Hour Video Review

Loco Patron

Why They Made Our List: Well, of course, Loco Patron is always on my mind personally because of their Chips & Salsa, but this Old Town Scottsdale staple is more than chips & salsa. Killer tacos, ice cold beers, a great patio and sneaky amazing menu items. One in particular that we recommend is the Loco Protein Bowl. Check out our Video Review

Sorso Wine Room

Why They Made Our List: Having just celebrated their one year anniversary (Happy Birthday!) Sorso is a unique and welcome addition to Scottsdale. With self-pour wine and a creative menu, it is the perfect spot for happy hour, date night or a nice night out with friends. Check out our Video Review


Why They Made Our List: Dakota is a well rounded Scottsdale restaurant. A great mid week pop by for breakfast, happy hour or dinner, a perfect spot for weekend brunch with friends and if you are looking to enjoy some adult beverages and let loose. There are not many better places to go on Friday or Saturday night. Check out our Video Review
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