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Best Scottsdale Spots To Go With Your Entourage

Scottsdale Restaurants

Best Scottsdale Spots To Go With Your Entourage

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I am sure you have seen the promos for a new movie that just came out called Entourage. For those that don’t know, Entourage was an HBO TV show that aired for eight seasons and ended it’s run in 2011. It was about a fictional guy from Queens named Vince who moves to Hollywood and makes it big as an actor and brings his “Entourage” of E, Turtle and Johnny Drama along for the ride. The show was loosely based on Mark Wahlberg’s early life coming up as a movie star. It was an easy watch. You know one of those tv shows that you can just throw on, veg out a little bit and enjoy an easy of 22 minutes of television? Which I am assuming the movie will be the same fun, and easy watch, just a little bit longer. That means more Ari, who is Vince’s agent and one of the best parts of the show.
However, whether you have seen the show, loved it, hated it, plan to watch the show, plan to go to the movie. Or, you never saw it, heard of it or care about the show is irrelevant. The reason that I bring up the show is for one particular reason. You see, in the show a lot of the scenes were of the “Entourage” going to one restaurant, bar, lounge or another and enjoying themselves. Which, if you have watched any of our video reviews that pretty much describes what we do. Weird right?
That made me think; everyone has their own little “Entourage”. It doesn’t have to be a fake actor and his boys. If could be you and your significant other, you and your boys or you and your girls or you and your girls and boys. Anyone really that is just looking for a night out and some fun.
So, in honor of the Entourage movie coming out this weekend I have compiled a list of my recommendations for the best Scottsdale spots to go with your “Entourage”! I broke it up into a few different areas of Scottsdale for ease of travel depending on where you are located. I know, I am such a giver. I am sure that I missed some great spots, but this will at least get you started. Please check it out, and then grab your personal “Entourage” and head out for a night on the town!
The “Fringe” of Scottsdale (Arcadia)
Enjoy a great meal and some pleasant conversation with your “Entourage” at The Henry. Then pop over to a hidden gem (it actually is sort of hidden) called the Little Woody. There you can enjoy some cocktails and play shuffleboard, darts, skee ball or just continue your pleasant conversation. Two-word recommendation: Moscow Mule
The “Fringe” of Scottsdale (City North)
For the Desert Ridge residents, you can start your evening with appetizers and cocktails at Blue Martini. After you eat, you can get the dance party started. Then once it is in full gear, make your way over to Toby Keith’s | I Love This Bar & Grill to continue dancing the night away.
Old Town Scottsdale
Start your night off at one of my personal favorite Scottsdale restaurants, The Cornish Pasty Co. for a delicious pasty or appetizers. Also, make sure to take advantage of their $3 Irish Car Bomb special, all day, erry day! From there your “Entourage” can head over to the madness that is the Scottsdale Entertainment District and really get after it. You have a many options to choose from; you can go to either Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row or Bottle Blonde or HiFi or Maya or The District to name a few. Spoiler, there are a lot of options.
Sort of North Scottsdale? (Talking Stick Resort)
If you are looking to get a little crazy, maybe hit up the Vegas-style pool at Talking Stick or do a little gambling before the night’s festivities begin. Just don’t split 10’s at the blackjack table. It worked out for Ari and Vince in Entourage but remember, Ari and Vince are not real people. Then you and the “Entourage” can head to dinner at Orange Sky, which sits at the top of the hotel. The food is ridiculous, and the view is even more ridiculous. Pro Tip: Make a reservation and be there before sunset. After you’re done with dinner and enjoying the view mosey on over to Top Golf. There you can have some cocktails and see who in the “Entourage” has the best golf skills. Hey, a little friendly competition never hurt anyone.
North Scottsdale
Start on Market Street at DC Ranch at area favorite Jalapeno Inferno. Enjoy some margaritas and awesome appetizers. My personal favorite is the “Old Gringo” Queso Crisp. After the margs got you feeling like woah stop by the Living Room. Also, on Market Street at DC Ranch. Just as the name states, this is place makes you feel like home. So kick off your shoes and relax yourself. Well, actually please leave your shoes on but definitely relax yourself with one of their signature cocktails.
Again, these are just some of my recommendations for you and your “Entourage” to go. What spots did I miss or do you have any other recommendations? Please let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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