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Best Scottsdale Spots to Watch March Madness

march madness

Best Scottsdale Spots to Watch March Madness

Can you believe it is already mid-March? Crazy how fast this year is going by! But I am not mad about it. As I’ve said before, I love March and I LOVE March Madness. I’m sorry for yelling. But not really.
March Madness means yelling.
March Madness means brackets. *busted brackets.
March Madness means drinks. All the drinks. Because of the busted brackets.
March Madness means you acting like you know wayyyy more about college basketball than you actually do.
March Madness means wings. All the wings, except lemon pepper wings. No one likes lemon pepper wings.
March Madness means making terrible bets. A lot of them.
March Madness means you announcing to everyone around that you picked that 14th seed upset even though you probably just picked it by accident.
But mainly, March Madness means you getting together with your friends to enjoy all the drinks and all the wings while watching the Madness.
We are here today to guide you to some good local Scottsdale spots to check out the games.
First and foremost, shout out to a North Scottsdale restaurant that has some of the BEST wings in the valley.┬áThat is not hyperbole. I had the pleasure of enjoying said wings for the first time a few weeks back, and I have not stopped craving them. I am referring to KO’s Famous Grilled Wings at K O’Donnell’s Sports Bar & Grill. These wings are life changing. But if wings aren’t your thing. First, weird. Second, they have a vast menu with plenty of other items to choose from. Then enjoy while you drink one of their 16 beers on tap and watch the Madness on at least 6 of their 40 plus TV’s. Pro-Tip: You can’t limit the Madness to just one TV. That’s bush league.

The next place we are going to mention is also in North Scottsdale. It is family friendly in case you want to bring the kiddos along for the fun. I’m talking Goldie’s Neighborhood Sports Cafe, and when I’m talking Goldie’s, I’m talking two floors, a patio and an all around good time, good vibe Scottsdale neighborhood sports cafe! I love that they call it a cafe. Pinky up!
If you don’t want to venture up north to Goldie’s. But you want a similar experience, you can visit any number of the Zipps Sports Grill locations around the valley. Fun Fact: Zipps and Goldie’s Neighborhood Sports Cafe are sister properties. However, we recommend giving Goldie’s a chance at least once. Nothing quite like Goldie’s, it has been called the Cheers of the valley. Our food recommendation at either place is the Monaco Focaccia – Chicken breast melted mozzarella cheese & ranch dressing served with a side of Sweet Jalapeno dressing for dipping. So much awesome.
Next we are going to mention Blue 32 Sports Grill, located on Scottsdale Road, just north of Indian Bend Road. This locally owned and operated full service restaurant not only delivers fresh, delicious food. But they also feature up to 40 HD TV’s for your sport viewing pleasure. For the North Scottsdale residents, they also have a location off of Mayo Boulevard. Check them out and be sure to try the Blue 32 Steak Sandwich.
Lastly, we are going to tell you about a local staple in the Valley. You probably have popped into their downtown Phoenix location before a Phoenix Suns game. If so, you will agree that their Old Town location is just as good. I am talking about the local legend owned Majerles. Whether you are hanging to watch the games or out at happy hour with your friends Majerles is the perfect spot. As Dan himself did in his playing days, this restaurant always goes for 3: great food, great service, and great atmosphere!
With that, those are our recommendations of Scottsdale restaurants to check out during March Madness! If we missed any of your go to March Madness spots. Please let us know. Until then, highlight that bracket, drink all the drinks and enjoy the Madness in Scottsdale!

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