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Best Spots for Pizza in Scottsdale

Best Spots for Pizza in Scottsdale

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It is December. Already. Christmas is this month! Crazy. I know you are probably stressing about presents, holiday parties, and all that jazz. We all are. But do you know the one thing that none of us are stressing out about? Guys and girls alike? Pool party season.
Yep, you tried to stay focused, watch the carbs, monitor the calories. All year long, you were good, and you looked great. Good work. Then Thanksgiving weekend happened and boom. The wheels fell off. Endless leftover meals and too many pieces of pie to count with not a care in the world about carbs, calories or waistlines. But do you care? Not really. Sure, you put up a front and act like you do. You go for a jog here, and there. You have great intentions to go to the gym. But deep down, you know that you have a whole month until your New Year’s resolution kicks in and you have to hit the gym hard again to get ready for the first pool party of the year.
But until then, you have a whole month of indulgence. On Tuesday, we introduced reverse dining and showed you our top 5 desserts. Today, we are going to give you some of the best spots to get pizza in Scottsdale. So, let your glutton flag fly for just one month and treat yo self!
Here is our list of the best spots to get pizza in Scottsdale:

DeFalco’s Italian Deli and Grocery

Why they made our list: This place is not just an awesome Italian grocery store, and I’d need a whole other blog post to talk about the greatness that is their sandwiches. But their pizza, oh mamma mia their pizza is amazing, eat in our order it for pick up. It doesn’t matter; you will be satisfied and coming back for more.

Bottled Blonde

Why they made our list: We told you how surprised we were when we filmed her but the food. This place is known for their nightlife, but we keep telling you don’t sleep on their food menu. That especially includes their pizza. So good, a great spot to pop into for some pizza before your night out or just to enjoy some pizza during happy hour. Check out our Video Review.

Pomo Pizzeria Napoletana – Scottsdale

Why they made our list: Full disclosure: I have yet to get to enjoy Pomo. But hands down, Pomo is the spot that people have mentioned to me the most that I should try. Their pizza is the stuff of legend to everyone that has told me about it. So Pomo is on my must try list as well as it should be on yours. Also Pomo, if you are reading this, we would love to come in for a video review.

Ciao Grazie

Why they made our list: First, a side story – the first time I had the pleasure of dining at Ciao Grazie was on the second date with my wife. Our first date was a Suns vs. Spurs playoff game (such a romantic right?). So it was pretty much our first date date where we could at least hear each other. Although, we were probably both still yelling obscenities at or about Manu Ginobili. Needless to say, I have fond memories of my first Grazie experienBack to pizza, the pizza at Grazie is phenomenal as is the atmosphere. It is like you’ve been transported to Italy and our enjoying a slice and some wine in a pizzeria in Venice.

Il Bosco Pizza

Why they made our list: Similar to Grazie, Il Bosco Pizza seems of not only another place, but another time. To when things were simple when love and compassion went into every pie. Every pizza is made with fresh and delicious ingredients. You may have driven by this place countless times without stopping in; it is time to stop in.


Why they made our list: This comfy, cozy Scottsdale restaurant is known for their killer pasta that we have told you about over and over. But any pizza list in Scottsdale has to include EVO. They just do gourmet pizzas right. They don’t need to brag about it. We will do that for them. Check out our Video Review.
Lastly, if we left off a spot that has your favorite pizza please let us know in the comments below.
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