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Best Spots to Watch Football in Scottsdale

Best Spots to Watch in Scottsdale

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This year is absolutely flying by, but I am alright with it. Why? Because it is already September. What makes September so great? There are multiple reasons. For instance, September means that we are getting so close to being down with triple digit weather for the year. That is reason enough to love September. But to top that, the arrival of September also means the arrival of football season. Yes, that’s right, football is back!
I love football season. I know that I am not alone. But there is just something special about the beginning of football season. It means optimism that whatever team you follow won’t suck. It means trash talking your fellow fantasy football league managers and hoping that your fantasy football team won’t suck. But most importantly, it means dedicating your Sundays to hanging with your friends watching football and, of course, monitoring your lineup. But where should you watch football in Scottsdale? We got you covered with our list of some of the best spots in Scottsdale to watch football. Enjoy!

K O’Donnells

What you need to know: Over 50 TVs. Every channel. Brunch til 2 pm, football specials available all day long, sound boxes available at your table, and TVs everywhere you look! Plus, the luck of the Irish for your football teams (fantasy and real). Check out our Video Review.

The Skeptical Chymist

What you need to know: Skeptical Chymist is the Arizona Chapter of the Seahawks Booster Club. Which means that they are the “Official Seahawkers Bar in AZ” and will be showing all ‘Hawks games including audio feed. Keep your eye out for brunch specials on Sundays.

Top Golf – Scottsdale

What you need to know: In between swinging the clubs you can watch games, enjoy $3 Bud Light and Budweiser, try out their Bloody Mary bar as well as their awesome brunch menu. Pro-Tip: Get the Mushi or Chicken & Waffles.

El Hefe – Scottsdale

What you need to know: El Hefe is a Chicago Bears bar for all of you Bears fans out there. As you know, their tacos are killer. Or you can munch on my personal favorite, the Carne Asada Fries. Penny beers from 9-10am for early games! Check out our Video Review.

Whiskey Row – Scottsdale

What you need to know: Whiskey Row is home to the Broncos in the Desert Group for all of you Broncos fans. Also, a great spot to watch the games, enjoy some great cocktails and their food menu is top notch. Check out our Video Review.

Loco Patron – Scottsdale

What you need to know: The recently revamped Loco Patron is a great spot to watch some football and they recently added Brunch + Any Beer for $11. That is a great deal. Also, chips & salsa! All day. Check out our Video Review.


What you need to know: #TeamBloody vs. #TeamMimosa. Which team are you on? You can settle it every Sunday at Dakota while watching some football. While you are there, be sure to check out their food menu. We recommend the Kale Chicken Salad. Amazing. Check out our Video Review.

Blue 32 Sports Grill

What you need to know: Opens at 9 am Saturday and Sunday during football season! Enjoy breakfast from 9-11 and drink specials all day. Go cheer on your team and try the Blue32 Brew from Four Peaks Brewery!
Again, did we leave any of your favorite spots to watch football in Scottsdale off of our list? Please let us know in the comments below!

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