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Best Sushi in Scottsdale


Best Sushi in Scottsdale

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What is your relationship with sushi? I grew up in a small town in Wyoming where sushi was just something that rich people ate on TV. It was in the same category as Grey Poupon to me. Even once I moved to Arizona, it was still a mystery to me. When I heard friends talk about “going to get sushi”. I had two thoughts as a broke college student who just moved to the desert – one, how do you afford it and two, wait, sushi in the desert?
It turns out that even though we live in the desert and nowhere near an ocean, there are quite a few awesome sushi restaurants in Scottsdale and some of them are actually quite affordable. So, not being one to be left out (#FOMO) I decided to take the plunge.
Then, like anyone’s first time, mine was awkward, I did it wrong and it was over before I knew it. Seriously, it was a mess. I was afraid of the miso soup, I thought the ginger slices were little pieces of lunch meat (they are not), and I thought the wasabi was some sort of avocado paste. I know I am not alone on the wasabi. Don’t even get me started on my failed attempt to use chopsticks. In then end, I didn’t touch my miso soup. I used a fork to eat my California Roll, and I left the restaurant with a still wasabi burning mouth. But with pretty good smelling breath. If you like the smell of ginger?
Over the years since my first time, I have somewhat learned how to use chopsticks properly. I fell in love with miso soup (minus the green onions). I now know to use the wasabi sparingly, and I don’t eat ginger like I am at the deli counter anymore. I also venture out beyond the California and Philly Rolls, sometimes, because they are both still delicious.
The reason I bring up my first time with sushi, no matter how embarrassing it was to admit. Is that we have some great restaurants for sushi in Scottsdale. Yes, even though we live in the desert. Also no, sushi is not just for the rich people on TV. So today, I want to highlight a few Scottsdale sushi restaurants for you that I have grown to love. Whether you are a seasoned sushi vet, who can chopstick with the best of them, or you are a rookie, who is afraid of miso soup and looking to try sushi for the first time. I guarantee that I have a place on the list that is perfect for you.
Here is ScottsdaleRestaurants.com’s list of some of the best spots for sushi in Scottsdale:

Hiro Sushi

What the people say: “Best sushi in Phoenix. Need I say more? Always incredibly fresh fish and interesting choices.” – Tony Potts, “Excellent sushi! This place rocks.” – Kevin Luther, “Love HIRO! Love the variety and the tradition. And I’m a sushi/sashimi/fish snob!” – MaryAnn Romero-Rallis

RA Sushi – Old Town

What the people say: “Go here when you’re in Scottsdale!! The drinks were lovely, the service was good, and the sushi was GREAT. We sat out on the patio and enjoyed the beautiful and relaxed evening.” – Angela J, “AMAZING!!!” – Rosa Reyes, “Great sushi! Hit up happy hour to save yourself a little money, drink and food specials.” – Brian Perz

Nori Sushi Scottsdale

What the people say: “The sushi was done expertly and was of fantastic taste, and the whole meal was reasonably priced for what we had.” – Tim B, “I’m from Hawaii, so I really enjoy good sushi and their sushi chefs from Japan are top notch and offer great dishes.” – Keaka H, “They do it right here. That’s pretty much all you need to know.” – Larry

Roka Akor

What the people say: “Outstanding food and service!” – Jennifer Whittington, “Do the Miso soup test, it tells you everything of the entire menu. It will blow you away.” – Michael Foerster, “Wonderful lounge, terrific food, great atmosphere, beautiful restaurant. Always look forward to going back.” – Vicki Breslow

Sakana Sushi & Grill

What the people say: “I love everything it’s always been a good environment great food and great service.” – Shae Parrish, “Fresh, best quality and great prices. My new favorite in Scottsdale.” – John Chala, “Awesome place for sushi! Food is always fresh, and rolls are huge. Love it!” – Alin Sarbu


What the people say: “Paradise Valley resident of 25 years. This is my very favorite Japanese restaurant in Scottsdale! Wonderful ambiance, service and dishes!” – Jennifer Reichman, “Shin Bay was phenomenal in every way. The ambiance is almost “spa-like” – warm, quiet, relaxing, inviting, etc. The service was excellent. Most importantly, the food was exceptional.” – Liliana Simmons, “One word – incredible.” – Rob Niles


What the people say: “Delicious! Try the Scottsdale or Lollipop roll! YUM! Managers are very friendly too and a fun place for karaoke with a group of friends.” – Jessica Elaban, “The service at this place was outstanding, and we were certain to inform the manager that we were OVER THE TOP pleased with our waiter. The food was terrific, and the drinks were mixed perfectly! Reasonably priced and a great happy hour menu.” – Anthony Sommers, “This is one of our favorite place to eat sushi. The food is great, the place is clean and the staff is polite.” – Jeffrey Acopiado

Squid Ink

What the people say: “I have visited squid ink several times and each time is incredible.” – Jack, “This is my favorite new sushi place. They have a great indoor/outdoor bar area. Their craft beer selection is above average.” Patrick, “I lived in Japan & like what they’re doing here, a small space used very well w/ fresh fish & solid rice that holds firm… What a great addition to this corner of Scottsdale. The food is spot-on & the patio is perfect for lazy afternoons, yet the walls open to the outside so you can sit at the bar and feel like you’re outside anyway. ” – Michael
Now get out there and “get sushi” with your friends like those rich people on TV. Just watch out for the wasabi.
Did we leave any of your favorite restaurants for sushi in Scottsdale off of our list? Please let us know in the comments below!

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