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Best Wine Bars in Scottsdale

wine bars in scottsdale

Best Wine Bars in Scottsdale

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Social media told us February 18th was National Drink Wine Day. Personally, we thought every day was that day, but sure, let’s celebrate! In honor of our new favorite “holiday,” we went on a search for the best wine bars in Scottsdale. It’s become much easier to find a wine bar in Scottsdale over the past few years. Only one of the wine bars on this list is more than three years old. With so many new wine bars and no end in sight, looks like we’ll have to research – constantly. We’ll update you soon with what we find next.

Sorso Wine Room

Sorso Wine Room opened in April 2015 in the Scottsdale Quarter. They offer a fresh take on the wine bar experience. Bright and spacious, Sorso offers wines by the glass, bottle and has 32 rotating wines on tap. They recently updated the menu, and Chef Paige Murphy created one that is casual and simple but diverse – not to mention delicious. Sorso also knows how to throw a party. A tasting menu with wine pairings for New Year’s Eve or hosting a fundraiser for Chrysalis, Sorso can break out their fancy side with ease. For daytime drinkers, Happy Hour is Monday to Friday 3-6 p.m. If you have a friend to bring to Sorso on Tuesdays, any bottle under $100 is half-off. Check out our Sorso Wine Room video review.

Vines & Hops

In our “research,” Vines & Hops was possibly the friendliest wine bar. The atmosphere is casual and laid-back, and the service is always accompanied with a smile. Located on 4216 North Brown Avenue in Old Town Scottsdale. As the name suggests, Vines & Hops isn’t just wine, in case you have friends who only drink beer. They have ten local Arizona beers and ciders on tap as well as other microbrews available by the bottle. The wine list is wide-ranging, featuring old-world and new-world wines as well as some Arizona selections. If you want to get a sampling of some different styles, Vines & Hops has wine and beer flights available.

Uncorked Wine Lounge & Eatery

Uncorked – The Unpretentious Wine Bar was North Scottsdale’s best-kept secret for years before shutting down in 2015. Thanks to determination and perseverance, owner Ali Amundson never gave up looking for the perfect new location. In 2016, Amundson found the perfect new spot in the old Wine Warehouse on Scottsdale Road just north of Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard and reopened as Uncorked Wine Lounge & Eatery in November. Uncorked has remained “unpretentious” in their new digs, but the vibe is swankier than their old location and perfect for date night.

Kazimierz World Wine Bar

Dark, mysterious, swanky. “Kazbar” is famous for its large wine list, plush seating and eclectic live music. You won’t do any day drinking here (they open at 6), but you can drink the night away – and time flies at Kazimierz. It’s thoroughly hidden down a sidewalk off Stetson Drive. I won’t divulge anymore so you can have as much fun finding it as most others do.
These are some of the best wine bars in Scottsdale right now. Whatever wine bars come next, we’ll make sure to do the arduous task of “research” and fill you in on the details. Let us know in the comments where we missed and where else we need to check out.
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