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The Beverly Video Review

The Beverly – Scottsdale Restaurants

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For this week’s video review, we visited a very unique spot in Old Town Scottsdale called The Beverly. Located on Main Street just east of Goldwater Boulevard. The Beverly on Main is unique in that it feels like nothing else in the area. Upon entering this beautiful establishment, you will feel somewhat transported to a different time. With all that is going on in the world, it is a welcome escape, even for a moment.
The Beverly on Main is known for getting creative with their cocktail menu, not only with the names but also with the ingredients. You may pay a little bit more for your cocktail. However, it will be well worth the coin. One thing of note is their food menu, somewhat slept on but do not, I repeat, do not pass it up. They have some killer food items on the menu. Perfect for a light dinner over conversation or a happy hour.
In the video review, we sampled a plethora of menu items as well as took a deep dive into the cocktail menu. Wowza! We were impressed and, not gonna lie, a little tipsy by the end. I think that is The Beverly on Main’s goal, for everyone to have a good time and enjoy some fine food and delicious cocktails. Highly recommend the Filet Bites and the Mezcal Mule™ or the Trending So Hard!
Please check out the video review and be sure to visit The Beverly on Main for yourself and tell them that we sent you.
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  1. So excited to try some of these drinks! Thanks for sharing this awesome review!

  2. Can’t wait to give some of these drinks a try!!