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Bevvy Video Review – Brunch Edition

Bevvy Brunch – Scottsdale Restaurants

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For this week’s video review, we revisited an old favorite of ours and headed to Bevvy in the Old Town Scottsdale Entertainment District. But this video review had a twist, the last time we filmed here we only sampled their lunch and dinner options. This time, we took a deep dive into their new Bevvy brunch menu items and most importantly, we had Cynthia Sassi from FabulousArizona.com join us for the video review. Some of you may have seen her around town at one of the many events that she hosts or checked out her excellent website. Cynthia is great, and we highly recommend checking out her work after you want the video review, of course!
Bevvy, as you know, is short for beverages, so there is never any doubt that they are completely dialed in on the beverage side of things. We are talking great cocktails selections, and one of the best parts of their brunch is that they have $15 bottles of either Brut or Rosé champagne! Also, if you are looking to get really crazy rumor has it that they also have $250 bottles of Dom. What?! I know, no need for bottomless mimosas when you can just load up on bottles! In the video review, we sampled wayyy too many menu items and Chris may have went a little crazy champagning and campaigning. A personal favorite menu item was the Breakfast Nachos. Nachos and Champagne? Do not tempt us with a good time.
We hope you like the video review, and you make plans to have brunch (served Saturdays and Sundays 11 am-3 pm) at Bevvy sometime soon. Lastly, shout out to Cynthia for joining us and putting up with our shenanigans.
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