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Bevvy Video Review

Bevvy  – Scottsdale Restaurants

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This week’s video review takes us to a very unique spot in Old Town Scottsdale. This Scottsdale restaurant is named Bevvy, which as I am sure you surmised, is short for beverage. Boy, oh, boy does Bevvy have those is spades and mugs, glasses and bottles. Zing! #dadjoke But seriously, they even have them in rubber ducks.
Bevvy is an upscale gastropub located on the north-west corner of Saddlebag Trail and Shoeman Lane in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale’s Entertainment District. As they live up to their name, they also live up to their location by having plenty, and I mean plenty to entertain you while you are there. We are talking darts, skeeball, shuffleboard, board games, puzzles, Andre the Giant Jenga, Peter Dinklage Jenga, that crazy toss a ring on a string toward a hook game and get this, off-track betting. What the what? Also, the night we filmed there they had trivia going on. So much entertainment!
Bevvy just has an atmosphere that is unique, fun and welcoming, you literally could spend hours here and we haven’t event talked about the best part. The food. Yes, they are killing the drinks, entertainment, atmosphere and everything else so you would give them a pass if they punt it with the food and just throw together your standard “bar food”. Not the case, in fact, it couldn’t be any further from the truth. They take their food menu very seriously and put a lot of thought and care in their menu items and it shows.
In the video review, we were able to try some of their awesome menu items like the Muscle Plate and the 60/40 Burger to name a few and, of course, we had to dive into some Bevvies. Not sorry had to do it. So please check out our video review and then stop by Bevvy for some great food, some good times and yep, doing it again, some Bevvies!
Bonus Fun Fact: Bevvy is open for Brunch on Saturday and Sunday’s with a phenomenal Brunch menu from 11 am to 3 pm.
Double Bonus Fun Fact: They are open seven days a week at 11 am so you can pop in for lunch during the week or just get a jump start on happy hour.
Triple Bonus Fun Fact: When you go in, make sure to ask for Katie or Taylor to serve you, they are awesome and will take great care of you!
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