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Black and Bleu American Grill Video Review

Black and Bleu American Grill – Scottsdale Restaurants

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Edit, unfortunately Black and Bleu closed but feel free to check out our other video reviews here.
For this week’s video review, we headed a little north. We visited Black and Bleu American Grill. Located south of Shea Boulevard, between 92nd Street and 96th Street. Yes, I know it is east of the 101, and you are used to going west. But trust us, you are going to want to head east to this particular Scottsdale restaurant.
With new ownership and a new Executive Chef, Black and Bleu is a must visit in Scottsdale. They have created a mouthwatering menu that they are constantly fine tuning and making sure it is just right. The cocktails are on point with an ever-expanding cocktail list, and the atmosphere is inviting with live music most nights. Also, if you are looking to host a private party, event or just have a lot of friends. Black and Bleu American Grill has the perfect dining room for all of your needs.
If that doesn’t convince you to give Black and Bleu a try, the Executive Chef is Chef Jimmy. For those that had the pleasure of dining at Monti’s La Casa Vieja in Tempe over the years before it was sold and closed last year. You probably enjoyed some of Chef Jimmy’s creations as he was the excellent Chef there. Mmm… Prime Rib. Also, RIP to Monti’s. But just because Monti’s closed it doesn’t mean that Chef Jimmy is going to stop creating some of the Valley’s best dishes. Trust us. The man is a genius in the kitchen.
In the video review, we ate wayyyy too much great food, we tried a couple too many specialty cocktails and Miguel fell in love with a cookie. Please enjoy the video review and make sure to ask for Bobbi Jo to take care of you in the dining room and have Mike dial you in with one of his delicious cocktails behind the bar. We recommend the Bleu Jackass, but don’t worry, it’s a Mule!
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