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Cafe Monarch Video Review Re-up

Cafe Monarch | Video Review

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For this week’s video review, we experienced the evolution of Cafe Monarch. We previously visited Cafe Monarch 1.0, so it only made sense to visit Cafe Monarch 2.0. Located on 1st Avenue just west of Goldwater Boulevard. They recently moved from the north side of 1st Avenue to the south side right across the street from their previous home of 4 years. Some may wonder if they were able to replicate the elegant, intimate atmosphere of the original. Not to worry, they replicated it and added to it. The new space is, in a word, stunning. From the dining room, bar to the patio. You will be in impressed even before you sit down at your table.
From there you will pursue their course menu and note that they somehow someway upped their game there as well. There is a reason that Cafe Monarch is a Top 100 Restaurant in America. If we were to put a wager on it, we would bet that they will be a Michelin starred restaurant at some point. Keeping with the theme of upping their game, they have expanded their already impressive liquor program. We already know that their wine pairings are something to behold. Now you will have an even more difficult choice, do you dive into the wine pairings or venture over to their new cocktails list? First world problems right?

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In the video review, we said stunning about ten times. Chris was enjoying himself so much he forgot what course he was on. Miguel had the best cut of meat of his life, and we fell even more in love with everything that is Cafe Monarch. Dining at Cafe Monarch is not just going to dinner; it is an experience that will keep you wanting to come back again and again.
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