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Cool Scottsdale Patios for Hot Weather

scottsdale patios

Cool Scottsdale Patios for Hot Weather

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Spring Training has ended, and the snowbirds are slowly migrating back north. This means full-time residents can stretch out and enjoy the extra space. There’s still plenty of time left for patio partying if you know where to look. Shade, misters, fans… we can enjoy the weather even if it means manipulating it a bit. Of course, a cool vibe means nothing if it isn’t paired with killer food and good drinks. Where are some great Scottsdale patios that you can take advantage of even as the mercury edges toward triple digits?

Jalapeño Inferno

North of the 101 on Pima Rd sits Market Street at DC Ranch. Market Street is a mixed-use mini-neighborhood home to some great restaurants. If you haven’t been, then you may not have experienced Jalapeño Inferno yet. This location is the second Jalapeño Inferno, with the first location at Scottsdale Road and Pinnacle Peak Pkwy.
The wrap-around patio sits mostly under an overhang, providing plenty of shade. The temperature always seems to be a couple degrees cooler in that part of Scottsdale, which doesn’t hurt either. Jalapeño Inferno also has misters so you can enjoy excellent Mexican food and drinks all through the summer. Don’t miss their Happy Hour with half-price appetizers and special pricing on select drinks.

Loco Patron

Giant fans with misting action and large umbrellas. This could make for a very cheesy horror film or a kick-ass patio. Fortunately, at Loco Patron in Old Town Scottsdale, it’s the latter. We visited Loco Patron a couple of summers ago, and it has become one of our most frequently shared video reviews to date. The great patio, perfect for people-watching and partying is accompanied by some excellent Mexican food. With good Mexican food, you need margaritas, and Loco Patron has got your back with different flavors that fit just about every taste.

Grassroots Kitchen & Tap

Grassroots Kitchen & Tap opened its first location on Hayden Road in 2011. Since that time, they’ve built a following of fans who enjoy their fresh-from-scratch cooking and inventive cocktails. They were one of the first restaurants in the area to offer wine on tap. Grassroots Kitchen & Tap has comfortable outdoor couches and traditional patio seating as well. The patio sits under shade from trees and screens. Once the temperature hits 100, they turn on the misters so patio dwellers can still enjoy outdoor dining.

Farm & Craft

As summer approaches, it’s time to remember that “Dad Bods” work best when dressed in layers. Farm & Craft in Old Town Scottsdale can get you bathing suit ready without taking the enjoyment out of eating out. If you have friends with food allergies or sensitivities, Farm & Craft is very tuned-in to their guests’ dietary needs. Thanks to “Build Your Own” options, the possibilities are endless to have your perfect meal. Don’t sleep on the drink menu, either. There are craft beer and wine selections as well as some excellent specialty kombucha cocktails. As for the patio, the umbrellas aren’t huge, but the misters and fans should allow you to enjoy your healthy lifestyle outside well into the warmer months.

Living in Scottsdale year-round has its advantages and patio dining straight into the heart of summer can be one of them. Where are some of your favorite Scottsdale patios that keep things cool even as the temperatures rise? Let us know in the comments below.
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