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Best Spots for Craft Beer in Scottsdale


Best Spots for Craft Beer in Scottsdale

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Hey! Have you gotten your lips on that new “Bold Strategy, Cotton” Double IPA from Dodgeball Brewing Company?
Well, that’s because they’re not real, but I’m willing to bet you didn’t know for sure. I had three different “fake” beers and two different “fake” breweries that turned out to be real before those ones. The point is there are a lot of great beers out there – and sometimes they can be hard to find. Beer drinkers in constant search of their next favorite brew know certain places will usually have the goods. Sometimes they’re dive bars, occasionally higher-end restaurants develop a reputation as a great craft beer spot. When you’re ready to find your next favorite craft beer in Scottsdale (and beyond) – try one of these places. For the most part, specific beers won’t be mentioned since supply is never guaranteed. It’s a safe bet, though, you’ll find something you’ll enjoy.

Craft 64

36 taps and each one is pouring beer (or cider) from Arizona breweries. Downtown Scottsdale hidden gem Craft 64’s focus on “local” is admirable and delicious. Ten of the Craft 64 taps are dedicated to their own line of excellent beers. Managing partner and beer aficionado James Swann somehow gets his hands on quite a few hard-to-find gems. Tap takeover and special events are also regular occurrences at Craft 64.

Visit Craft 64‘s directory listing for more info.

Tavern Americana

The first craft beer I ever fell in love with was Brooklyn Brown Ale in New York. It has been a long time since I’ve gotten to enjoy one. Imagine my happiness at seeing the “original American Brown Ale” at Tavern Americana. I am happy to report the taste of Brooklyn Brown is still as good as the nostalgia. Tavern Americana is on the corner of Hayden Road and Thompson Peak Parkway. They recently went through a renovation and WOW. It’s a very inviting atmosphere with plenty of patio space, a fire pit, and a “den” area. They also have twelve taps dedicated to some tremendous rotating craft brews.
Visit Tavern Americana‘s website for more info.


When I asked the friends whose opinions I trust on such important matters, “If you’re looking for a hard-to-find beer or a great craft list, where do you go?” The one unanimous response was O.H.S.O. All three area O.H.S.O. locations have 36 tap handles. In addition to their popular house brews, they round out the remainder of their list with a mix of crowd favorites and deep cuts.
Visit O.H.S.O.‘s website for more info.

Other Notables/Phoenix/Tempe

As passionate as beer fans are, it’s no surprise that the friends enlisted for this had wildly varying opinions. All over town, outside of town, snide remarks about other choices, etc. A quick thank you to Adan – @manicsocratic on twitter. His opinion and excellent taste held immense weight. He also noted Taste of Tops in Tempe and the “killer bottle list” at The Lost Leaf in downtown Phoenix. If you’re in downtown Phoenix, Angel’s Trumpet Ale House is another excellent choice. Mellow Mushroom’s various locations and Growler USA on High Street both received multiple votes as well. Where do you go to find your favorite craft beer? Let us know in the comments.
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