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Drexyl Modern American Video Review

Drexyl Modern American – Scottsdale Restaurants

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For this week’s video review, we hit up yet another new Scottsdale restaurant. The restaurant is called Drexyl Modern American. Drexyl is located at The Shops Gainey Village in the Gainey Ranch neighborhood. For those unfamiliar, that is just south of Doubletree Ranch Road on the east side of Scottsdale Road.
We have to say that Drexyl is a very welcome addition to Scottsdale. Drexyl offers a superb happy hour, signature vintage cocktails and a menu full of modern American cuisine. With every dish, you can see the passion and care that Executive Chef, Robert Eckhardt puts into them. Drexyl has a very inviting atmosphere and with elegant portraits showcasing Scottsdale’s vibrant history. Right as you walk in you feel as though you are right where you are supposed to be.
In the video review, we tried some of their signature cocktails paired with some mouthwatering appetizers; the Chicken Arancini is an absolute must order. From there, we made our way through a couple of their more popular menu items. The Heritage Pork Chop is a show stopper. Seriously, we stopped the review to all enjoy some extra bites. Then we tackled a delectable dessert menu featuring Bread Pudding, a Salted Caramel Brownie, and a Gelato Sampler. All three were unreal.
We left happy and nowhere near hungry. This will not be the only time that that happens to us at Drexyl. We hope that you enjoy the video review and check out Drexyl Modern American for yourself.
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