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Places to Eat in Scottsdale with Out-of-Town Guests

eat in scottsdale

Places to Eat in Scottsdale with Out-of-Town Guests

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One of the greatest stresses joys in life is having family or friends from out-of-town come visit. Wherever they’re visiting from, Arizona is loaded with things to do and places to go. You’ve planned the zoo visit. You’re going to the Desert Botanical Garden (“and over here we have another cactus…”). A morning hike or two? Check. You’ve even thought ahead enough to plan a day to head North. Do you know what’s missing? Where to drink and eat in Scottsdale and Phoenix! We have some of the best restaurants and bars anywhere – we know, we’ve checked them all out. So here is our guide to the best places to drink and eat in Scottsdale that you can bring your out-of-town guests to. And for that in-law who is never pleased with anything you do? They will love these spots!  We’ll even let you take the credit.


eat in scottsdale
Is this what heaven looks like?

What better way than to start off our guide – and your day – than with breakfast? More and more great breakfast and brunch options are sprouting up around town. EGGstasy, at 6990 Shea Boulevard is one of the pioneers. For almost three years, EGGstasy has been serving up fresh takes on breakfast and brunch dishes to the masses. Add to the stellar food a modern, hip atmosphere and big, comfortable patio. And you can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning. EGGstasy has mimosas with fresh juices, and bloody marys served with chocolate covered bacon. YES. CHOCOLATE. COVERED. BACON.

Hearth ’61 at Mountain Shadows

So here’s the deal. Even if you eat out every night that your guests are in town, one night you must blow them away. Knock their socks off. Show them everything that is great about the Arizona dining scene in one meal. Take them to Hearth ‘61 at Mountain Shadows in Paradise Valley. Want a little taste of what they have to offer? Check out our video review HERE! You and your guests will have a hard time choosing your favorite part of the evening. The views? The food? The cocktails? The answer may very well just be, “yes.” All of it.

O.H.S.O. Eatery & nano-Brewery

eat in scottsdale
Pet-friendly patio for your 4 legged friends!

Each of the three O.H.S.O. locations each have their own laid-back charm and appeal. Need to choose one to bring someone from out-of-town? Choose the one with Camelback Mountain as its backdrop and bicycles for misters. O.H.S.O. Eatery & nano-Brewery is also a great place if your guests brought their pup to visit. The pet-friendly patio is frequently packed with as many dogs as people.


Some of the best places in Arizona are the places that don’t feel like Arizona much at all. If you sit on the patio at Metropolis, you’ll get what I mean. The relaxing water fountains, the lush greenery. One of the benefits of having a restaurant in the beautiful Camelview Optima complex. Metropolis has Happy Hour seven days a week, weekend brunch and other specials throughout the week. We visited Metropolis a while back – see below. We called it a hidden gem then, and it’s still a gem.

Whoever is visiting, take them to these spots while they’re in town and everybody will go home happy! Unless you bring up your thoughts on the 2016 election. Then even ScottsdaleRestaurants.com can’t help you.
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