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EVO Brunch After Dark Video Review

EVO Brunch After Dark – Scottsdale Restaurants

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For this week’s video review, we did a little bit of a re-up. We made our way back to EVO Scottsdale. Located on just south of 5th Avenue on the east side of Goldwater Boulevard. We went back to EVO for a special reason; they have a new feature called Brunch After Dark served only on Sundays from 4 pm to 1:30 am. You already know that EVO has some great Italian dishes, so we were pumped to see what kind of creations they put together for brunch.
Let’s just say that we were not disappointed. Chef Stephen Fowler had free reign to get creative with his brunch menu, and he took full advantage coming up with some very unique dishes. Paired with some refreshing cocktails, EVO’s Brunch After Dark is sure to be a crowd favorite. As will you see, we tried a lot of dishes. Typically, when we try sample numerous dishes during a video review we end up with a lot of leftovers. However, with EVO’s Brunch After Dark, we not only sampled. We finished off each and every dish because they were so good. At the end of the video review, we were stuffed, but we were happy about it.
We hope you like the video review, try EVO’s Brunch After Dark for yourself and be sure to tell them that we sent you.
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