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EVO Scottsdale

EVO  – Scottsdale Restaurants

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This week we are in Old Town Scottsdale again, visiting EVO Scottsdale. Located on Goldwater Boulevard in between 3rd Avenue and 5th Avenue.
Side note: Yes, we know that the last couple videos have been Old Town centric. Trust us, we plan to venture to other Scottsdale eateries outside of the Old Town bubble. But there are just sooo many awesome Scottsdale restaurants located in Old Town. So it is hard to pass them up. But we hear you, and we are focusing on locking down some video reviews outside of the Old Town bubble. So non Old Town residents, please be patient with us. Also, if you are a Scottsdale restaurant (in Old Town or out) owner, manager or employee and want us to come in for a video review. Get at us.
In the meantime, we would like you to scope out EVO Scottsdale, it is nothing less than amazing. Chef Peter DeRuvo is a genius. I know that is a bold statement to throw around. But we like to give it to you real, and that is the (Chris voice) real deal. We were lucky enough to taste some of his favorite menu items, and we were left almost speechless. Almost, you know us. But on the real, he would bring us a new dish and pretty much as soon as he set it down on the table it was gone. Squid Ink Chittara? Gone. Charcuterie Board? Gone. Prime Hanger Steak? Gone.
One thing that we noticed was that all the dishes were so different from each other. Chef Peter was born in Italy. However, one parent was from Northern Italy, and the other was from Southern Italy. So he grew up experiencing numerous types of Italian food. Now as a Chef at EVO Scottsdale he incorporates all of those influences into his menu items and specializes in what he calls, seasonal Italian food. Which means that he is constantly tweaking and perfecting his dishes. So you may go to EVO Scottsdale and order one dish, and it will taste a certain way with certain ingredients and then the next time you go it may be slightly different. But both times it will be absolutely great. We can’t wait to go back!
Please enjoy the video review and make sure to visit EVO Scottsdale and tell them we sent you! Don’t forget to say hello to Chef Peter DeRuvo. Also, we LOVE feedback so please let us know your thoughts, likes or dislikes in the comments below.
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