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Fancy AF Restaurants in Scottsdale

restaurants in scottsdale

Fancy AF Restaurants in Scottsdale!

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Restaurant trends come and go. Today’s avocado toast is tomorrow’s pineapple chicken. That applies to the restaurants themselves as well. Over the past couple years, fine dining restaurants have taken a hit both nationally and here in the Valley. As “fast-casual” and “urban kitchens” sprout up everywhere, some magnificent high-end restaurants lose too much of their market share and disappear. There are still occasions and celebrations, though, that call for a nice ‘fit, a clean shave, and a fancy restaurant. And there are still restaurants that are fancy “af” to cater to these occasions, putting out fantastic cuisine from culinary wizards. You’ll probably find a great wine list or cocktail program at these restaurants as well. What are some of our favorite fancy “af” restaurants in Scottsdale? Here is our list:


Speaking of taking a hit… we, unfortunately, recently discovered this will be Sassi’s last season serving authentic Tuscan-style cuisine. That makes this your last chance for some of the best wood-grilled octopus you will ever find in the desert. Your last chance for their famous orecchiette pasta. Your last chance to dine with the most amazing sunset views imaginable. In addition to their food, Sassi has repeatedly been recognized by Wine Spectator for their extensive Italian wine list. Before they close their doors for good, be sure to enjoy an epic multi-course Italian dinner and a good Amarone or Barolo. And if Chef Chris Nicosia has the veal scallopine on the menu that evening, get it. Trust me. As he (and I) like to say, it’s our “death row” dish.
Visit sassi.biz for more info.

Cafe Monarch

Sometimes, we’re in the mood for a romantic, intimate, candlelit dinner. When that happens, we fire up our Cafe Monarch video review, sit down and pretend we are back there once again. Why don’t we just go there and relive the evening in person, you may ask? Well, you need a second person for a romantic, intimate, candlelit dinner. Nobody ever wants to join us because they think we will break out Miguel with the video camera and film everything.
Check out our video review of Cafe Monarch:

Pane E Vino

Back above the 101 in North Scottsdale, we go for our next stop. Pane e Vino has been a local favorite for almost two decades. During our first visit, we loved the amazing salads, pasta, and features. Pane e Vino has a lounge area as well which is a bit more casual. We went back and reviewed their excellent Happy Hour. We left just as satisfied as when we got in touch with our fancy side.
Check out our video review of Pane E Vino:

Darcy’s Ristorante

I’m not sure why Pinnacle Peak is a beacon of sorts for amazing Italian food, but here we are again. We gave Darcy’s Ristorante the video review treatment recently and, wow, are we glad we discovered them. They’re another fancy spot that has a thriving lounge with an impressive Happy Hour. The restaurant is modern, but you also have that Sinatra old-school feel when you’re in there.
Check out our video review of Darcy’s Ristorante:

Voila! French Bistro

There are quite a few (as seen above) excellent Italian restaurants in Scottsdale. Cafe Monarch falls into the category of New American. What about some authentic French cuisine, though? Is there anything more fancy than a Chef/Owner who spent decades toiling in Michelin-starred restaurants throughout France? The answer, Monsieur, is no. (Fellow theatre geeks, where ya at?!) Voila! is a beautiful place to bring someone special who hasn’t heard of it. It’s a bit tucked away off Via Linda and Mountain View Road but find it, and you will be awarded a wonderful evening.
Visit voilafrenchbistro.com for more info.
A little bit of French cuisine, a little bit of American and a whole lot of Italian in North Scottsdale. Whatever strikes your… fancy… there’s a place for you to go. Despite the recent downward trend, I can even think of some other great choices for a special night. What are your favorite special occasion restaurants in Scottsdale? Let us know in the comments below.
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