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Your Guide to Eating & Drinking at the Phoenix Open

Phoenix Open

Your Guide to Eating & Drinking at the Phoenix Open

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It is that time of year again, time for what they call “The Greenest Show on Grass.” You know what I am referring to, the Waste Management Phoenix Open or the Phoenix Open or the Open or some people just stay old school and still call it the FBR. We all just know it as the big event where you get together with a hundred thousand of your closest friends to watch a golf tournament. Or not actually watch a golf tournament. Because let’s face it, with that many people wandering around there are countless opportunities to just post up somewhere and people watch.
Who doesn’t love people watching? It’s like my fourth favorite thing behind friendships, hugs, and safety. Safety first, of course. But people watching at the Phoenix Open is the best isn’t it? You have it all, the serious golf fan who trails their favorite golfer. The non-serious golf fan who trails their favorite beer vendor. The beautiful women dressed to the nines complete with high heels trying to walk on the grass. The corporate types who head straight for the 16th Skybox to pretend to be closing deals. The people who are there just for the spectacle of it and may spend their whole day without seeing a single golf shot. I am not judging any one of them; I love them all. Heck, I personally probably have been each one of those people once or twice over the years. Well, with the exception of the high heels, but hey, there is always this year.
The point being, the Waste Management Phoenix Open makes for a glorious week in Scottsdale, Arizona. Provided that it doesn’t rain the whole week as it did last year, we’ll let that one slide just don’t do it again. The week is meant to be enjoyed in whatever way that you see fit. But do you know what adds to the enjoyment? Awesome food and, of course, some tasty beverages.
Sure, some of you may have come across the fancy schmancy tickets where you get to eat and drink for free. We’re happy for you. Seriously, we are. But for the rest of us, the cool General Admission kids. We need the inside scoop on where to get said food and tasty beverages. So, I did some research (minimal), and I am here to help with some options for you.
As you know, there are concessions stands all over, and those are perfectly fine. But if you are looking for a little something different. We got you. First, there is the Tilted Kilt Beer Garden, which is nestled not far from the 18th hole tee box. The Kilt (as the cool kids call it) is a good spot to grab a beer and last year they had some killer BBQ pulled pork sandwiches. So hopefully they have those again, and you can enjoy one while watching some golf or people watching on their elevated patio.
Next, we have what is called the El Rancho area near the 12th hole. It will be your spot for Mexican fare, margaritas, and other tasty beverages. This spot is sort of in the middle of the golf course away from the masses so it could be a great location to get some food that may or may not be less crowded, depending on the day.
Then there is the always entertaining Fan Zone, which you will run into right as you enter the tournament, just past the 18th hole green. Near here you can get fancy at the William Hill Wine Bar and get some delicious food at either Garcia’s, Whiskey Row or Zinburger. Also, bonus and my personal favorite stop, the Jack Daniels trailer! The Fan Zone is also a prime people watching zone.
Lastly, and most importantly, yes there is golf, food, drinks, & people watching. But there is also another reason to get out and enjoy the week, charity. Yep, hard to believe this big fantastic party around a golf tournament is for a great cause. With the Waste Management Phoenix Open, the Thunderbirds have raised more than $86 million for Arizona charities. Crazy right? So just remember when you are out enjoying the Phoenix Open to have fun, cause hey, it’s for charity.
If you feel like you want to give a little more, you can visit https://thunderbirdscharities.org/ to find out how.
For tickets and additional Waste Management Phoenix Open info visit https://wmphoenixopen.com/
We hope to see you out there and please, drink responsibly!

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