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Healthy Scottsdale Restaurants for the Fall

healthy scottsdale restaurants

Healthy Scottsdale Restaurants for the Fall

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Now that fall is allegedly here, I know that it was still in the 90’s the other day. But now that the weather is starting to kind of sort of cool down a little bit it signals the end of summer. The end of pool parties, the end of days at the lake, on the river, etc. It also means the start of sweaters, flannels, comfy clothes. To some, it may mean that you can have that dessert, that fantastic cheeseburger and fries, that extra piece of bread. By some, we mean us. Let’s face it; there are too many good restaurants, burgers, desserts & pieces of bread to be good all the time. It’s all good; we get it. However, we thought that we would put together a list of some healthy options to enjoy in between indulging yourself this fall. So be bad, but when you want to be good, scope out this list of healthy Scottsdale restaurants:

Farm and Craft

Why they made our list of healthy Scottsdale restaurants: The Build Your Own! That is what you need to know about Farm and Craft. Get creative with some all natural chicken, sweet potato hash & farro mac & cheese, my recommendation. Or grass fed steak, tofu, salmon paired with roasted brussel spouts or broccoli or vegan honey roasted heirloom carrots. You can do any combo that you want!  Check out our Farm and Craft Video Review

Grassroots Tap & Kitchen

Why they made our list of healthy Scottsdale restaurants: Owning an impressive menu that features an array of unique dishes but we are in love, absolute love with their salad selections. A personal favorite and recommendation is the Sashimi Ahi Tuna – seared rare · avocado · cherry tomatoes · edamame · crunchy wasabi peas · field greens · sesame seeds · agave ponzu · miso vinaigrette. Stop. But seriously, try it and then explore the rest of the menu.

The Chicken Scoop

Why they made our list of healthy Scottsdale restaurants: I know what you are thinking, wait, is Chicken Salad healthy? Well, it has salad in the name so umm… yes? But after some digging on the internets, I found that at The Chicken Scoop they create their 14 flavors with only the best ingredients and most of their scoops are right around 200 calories or less per scoop. Seems legit to me. Also, they are delicious!  Check out our Chicken Scoop Video Review

Original Chop Shop

Why they made our list of healthy Scottsdale restaurants: A great spot to place an order to go or sit down and enjoy on their outdoor patio. We highly recommend the Kale Cleanse off their Pressed Juice menu. Paired with either an Acai Bowl, the Grinder sandwich or if you are feeling adventurous one of their Grilled Protein Bowls. Pro-Tip: The Thai Chicken is unreal.

Ahi Poke

Why they made our list of healthy Scottsdale restaurants: Some of you may have been to this spot when it was called Ahi Mahi. The location has been rebranded and is now Ahi Poke Bowl, and it was good before, but it is great now. Set up sort of like a Chipotle or Subway in a pick your own ingredient or adventure style. You start with a rice or salad then pick a side, then a protein, then a sauce, then a topping. Let’s just say; you can get really creative and try different pairing each time you go. Highly recommended for those on the go, looking for something delicious and quick.
If we left any particular healthy Scottsdale restaurants off of the list please let us know which restaurant and why in the comments below.
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