Healthy Spots For Yo Phat 🍑!

Healthy Spots For Yo Phat 🍑!

Healthy Spots For Yo Phat 🍑!

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Studies have shown that the average person gains 4-7 pounds from Thanksgiving to Christmas. We are in no means trying to shame you at all. We’d never. In fact, we are doing the complete opposite, and we want you to enjoy all of the pies, all of the cookies, all of the gravies. All of it. We will be enjoying Cheat Month as well. We just plan to mix in a little healthy eating in between and calling them reverse cheat days. Also, who said eating healthy should be a chore and blah? It’s doesn’t have to be, that is why we put together a great list of spots to hit up for reverse cheat days during Cheat Month. So enjoy yourself, also if you want to send us Christmas goodies feel free to slide into them DM’s on the ‘gram @scottsdalerestaurants for that mailing address.

Now, in no particular order here are some tasty spots to hit up for some healthy grub! Treat yo self:

Farm & Craft

Their why: Farm & Craft is focused on healthy and sustainable food in a community-style atmosphere, think modern farm with a contemporary twist. Farm & Craft boasts a seasonal “Wellness-Menu” that focuses on four topics for optimal health, including an ‘Anti-inflammatory diet,’ ‘Increasing probiotic levels,’ Maintaining high levels of anti-oxidants’ and ‘Reducing your overall stress.’ F&C accomplishes this.

Our why: F&C is a fav of the crew here, and we recommend building your own bowl paired with a Carrot Cleanse. A great spot to pop in on the go or sit down and enjoy a nice meal in a relaxed hop atmosphere.

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Grassroots Tap & Kitchen

Their why: Founded in 2011, Grassroots Kitchen & Tap is a family-owned and operated restaurant with locations in both Scottsdale and Phoenix. Serving lunch and dinner daily, Grassroots tempts with a from-scratch menu of classic Southern-influenced American cuisine, polished service-first style and a friends and family-focused vibe. Putting the ‘Tap’ in Grassroots Kitchen & Tap, enjoy an extensive menu of craft beers and wines (both available on tap) and signature cocktails – all served in a distinctive rustic-yet-modern atmosphere highlighted by colorful Americana artwork and expansive dining patios.

Our why: We love this spot for lunch, their menu selection has a little something for everyone plus it is patio weather. Also, get a beer, you deserve it!

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Original Chop Shop

Their why: Eating well on a consistent basis can be challenging. Meetings, school, traffic, morning workouts, soccer practice, and social events fill our day. Lost in the shuffle is time to prepare meals that make us happy about how we fuel our bodies. This inspired us to create Original ChopShop, a neighborhood eatery crafting food from whole ingredients. Since the first Shop opened in 2013, our goal has been to provide a warm, welcoming place full of energetic people where you can Fuel your Well-Being. We believe that eating well leads to happiness. Thus, our team is eager to serve good-tasting, nutritious food made for Every/Body. We threaded Original ChopShop together with bits and pieces of our hearts – and we think that food should not only taste good, but should make you Feel Good, too.

Our why: We have been rocking with Chop Shop since they opened their first location. We have never filmed there. However, we are huge fans and loyal customers weekly.

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Poké Bar

Their why: At Poké Bar, we believe fast food should be fresh food. From our premium ingredients to our exceptional service, eating healthy has never been easier—or more enjoyable! What is a Poké Bowl? Aside from being the most delicious thing you’ll ever eat, poké (pronounced “POH-keh”) bowls are a Hawaiian staple that feature raw, diced fish traditionally tossed with rice, vegetables and sauces. At Poké Bar, we put our own spin on the island favorite, starting our poké bowls with a base of rice, noodles, or greens. From there, we add your choice of fish, mix-ins, sauces, sides and toppings for a healthy meal that’s all your own.

Our why: Poké Bar serves some of the best poké in the Valley. Anyone who says different has obvi never visited Poké Bar. Everything is fresh and in our opinion, they are the best bang for your buck as far as quantity and quality. Don’t @ me.

For more info visit

Pita Jungle

Their why: Pita Jungle, the quintessential new American cuisine restaurant that expresses various culinary diets. Pita Jungle has a very large selection of vegan options from appetizer to entrees as well as tapas. Other menu items are salads, dips, pastas, pizzas, healthy burgers, pitas, wraps as well as wood-fired fish and chicken dishes to produce signature dishes that are healthy, fresh, made from scratch, and in many instances vegetarian, vegan, low calorie and gluten free. Pita Jungle also offers a healthy kid’s menu. Boutique wines and beer available. Casual nice sit-in dining.

Our why: Umm, who doesn’t love the PJ? I am sorry if this comes off combative, but to quote Chris “PJ just does it right.” So if you don’t love them, we can’t be friends. A great spot for lunch or dinner. Killer atmosphere and the Yellowfin Tuna Honey Sesame Salad is your next favorite salad. Trust me.

For more info visit

First Watch

Their why: At First Watch, we begin each morning at the crack of dawn, slicing fresh fruits and vegetables, baking muffins and whipping up our French toast batter from scratch. Everything is made to order and freshness is never compromised. We don’t use heat lamps or deep fryers — we use only the finest ingredients possible for the freshest taste around. When you arrive, we welcome you with a pot — not just a cup — of our Project Sunrise coffee, along with complimentary newspapers and WiFi Internet access.

Our why: First Watch always comes through. They are like a trust fall. They will always catch you and fill your stomach with some healthy goodness when you need it. Yeah, that analogy was cheesy, but I don’t care. If you haven’t visited First Watch yet, make plans to.

For more info visit

D’Lite Healthy On The Go

They why: We provide a healthy alternative to ‘fast food’ without sacrificing taste or convenience for people on – the – go. We offer organic and all natural fresh ingredients, including locally grown produce when available. We choose to reduce impact on the environment by recycling and using earth-friendly products.

Our why: Have you seen this commercial yet? Straight fire. Speaking of, name me a better combo than a Breakfast Buzz and Cali Club. Go on; I’ll wait. You can’t name a better one, can you? Didn’t think so.

There you have it, a solid list for them reverse cheat days so that you can enjoy Cheat Month!

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Written by Troy Smith

I am a food lover, as well as a food fighter. I never underestimate the power of positive thinking. I don't get up before hitting snooze at least three times, and I haven't ever met an order of chips and salsa that I didn't like.

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