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ICYMI: Thirsty Thursday on Arizona Daily Mix!

Thirsty Thursday With Chris & Cat on Arizona Daily Mix!

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In case you missed it, Chris stopped by AZTV’s Arizona Daily Mix for Thirsty Thursday to sample some cocktails with Catherine Anaya! Here is the rundown and be sure to check out the video. Comment below which one was your favorite!
Celebration Champagne from AZ88
Details: 5 oz of Chandon Brut and 1/2 oz each of Chateau Monet Framboise and peach liqueur topped with 1/4 teaspoon of sparkling sugar confetti.
Trending So Hard from The Beverly
Details: Absolut Alyx Vodka, Elderflower, Grapefruit Juice,  Frozen Thyme
The Worlds End from Citizen Public House
Details: CaskWerks (local brand) tea-spiked gin, cucumber syrup, elderflower Liquor, citrus, lemon peel, up
Hibina Colada from ZuZu at Hotel Valley Ho
Details: donQ coconut rum, sweetened milk, pineapple + hibiscus triple sec
Pirate’s Remorse from Undertow
Details: 1.00 oz Guava Puree, 0.50 oz Galliano Authentico, 1.50 oz  Rhum JM VSOP/VO, 0.50 oz  Honey (3:1), 2.00 dsh Vanilla Extract, 0.50 oz Lime Juice, 2.00 dsh Mace Tincture – Spindle Mix/Curshed, Dump, Grande, Mint Top & Nutmeg
Make sure that you visit each spot and try them for yourself. Be sure to tell them that we sent you!
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