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Inde Fusion Video Review

Inde Fusion – Scottsdale Restaurants

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Edit, unfortunately Inde Fusion closed but feel free to check out our other video reviews here.
You know us, we listen to the people, the people asked us for something different, something outside the box. Well, we got to give the people what they want. So for this week’s video review, we headed to Inde Fusion. Located east of Scottsdale Road on the north side of Doubletree Ranch Road. It is tucked in a little bit, but it is well worth it.
In short, Inde Fusion blew our collective minds. Full disclosure, I am not a huge fan of Indian food, so I wasn’t sure how I was going to like it. But I am game to try anything and give it a chance and boy, oh boy am I glad that I did. There is a reason that this excellent Scottsdale restaurant is called Inde Fusion. By fusing the rich flavors of India with your favorite dishes from around the world, including American, Asian, Mexican and Italian dishes, prepare to discover something especially exotic and decidedly delectable. It really is quite remarkable; they have found a way to create dishes that hit you with so many different flavors all working together that none quite overpower the other. Yet all of them, leave their mark. It is very impressive.
Not to mention that the restaurant is beautiful, classy and elegant offering a warm, personable and pleasing dining experience. You can tell that owner Rupesh or RP for short put his heart and soul into everything from the food menu items and the creative cocktail menu all the way to the wonderful ambiance that Inde Fusion has created.
Fun fact: Years ago, Rupesh and his wife were traveling home from a trip to India. They were talking about all of the wonderful food they had eaten. They wondered aloud why someone hadn’t put something like Tandoori Chicken on a flat bread. That was when  a light bulb went off and the idea for Inde Fusion was born. Pro-Tip: Make sure to try the Tandoori Chicken & Shrimp Flatbread to experience the menu item that got it all started.
As we said, Inde Fusion blew our minds. We tried so many delicious dishes and signature cocktails, each one just as good as the next. If we had to pick a stealer of the show, it would be all the foods and all the drinks. We hope you enjoy the video review as much as we enjoyed filming it, and we meant what we said, we challenge you to go to Inde Fusion and find a dish that does not put a smile on your face.
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