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January Featured Menu Item – Double Truffle Fries

double truffle fries

January Featured Menu Item – Double Truffle Fries

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This month’s Featured Menu Item are the Double Truffle Fries from Zinburger. Some might say, wait, you are featuring fries from a Scottsdale restaurant that is known for their burgers and even has burger in the name? Yes, you would be correct. However, we do this for a good reason. Everyone knows that the burgers from Zinburger are top notch. But not everyone knows that the Double Truffle Fries are heaven sent. Trust us.
Here are the details:

Double Truffle Fries

Truffle Aioli and Truffle Oil to make them doubly delicious and Parmesan Cheese to just toy with your taste buds.

The Double Truffle Fries are the perfect accompaniment with any of Zinburger’s vast burger options. Even if you are looking to stay a little on the healthy side with a salad from their Greens menu items, you can cheat a little with the Double Truffle Fries. Because DOUBLE TRUFFLE!!
To see the Fries and a couple of their burger offerings make sure to check out our Zinburger Video Review! Then visit Zinburger for yourself and order them for yourself!

We’ll be back next month with new Featured Menu Items!
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