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JJ's Delicatessen Video Review

JJ’s Delicatessen  – Scottsdale Restaurants

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We are not going to lie to you; this Scottsdale restaurant video review started off with Chris, Miguel and I on the struggle bus. We filmed it at 7am, and our energy level was not what it usually is. But the people want a variety of restaurant video reviews, they have ask for more Scottsdale breakfast spots and we always gotta give the people what they want. So, even though we were sleepy, we drove up to North Scottsdale’s JJ’s Delicatessen to bring you something different and special. Once we arrived, it did not take long for our energy level to go from zero to a hundred real quick. The reason? Amazing Coffee!
However, coffee is not the only thing that makes JJ’s Delicatessen worth visiting. A never ending menu, great atmosphere and an awesome staff lead by owners Roger and Jennifer Weiss put this spot over the top. The food is the real deal, and the service is second to none.
In the video, we get coffee (of course) which is good because Miguel doesn’t say a word in the morning until he gets his coffee. We enjoy a nice breakfast and some pleasant conversation. I fail to tackle a giant breakfast burrito and Chris literally licks his plate clean. Bonus, Chris sings another catchy tune. This one was about stirring coffee. We hope you enjoy the video review and enjoy your visit to JJ’s Delicatessen! Please let us know your thoughts, likes or dislikes in the comments!
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  1. Nothing better than a great breakfast and that burrito looks screamin!

    1. We agree Stacy! Thanks for commenting. Stay tuned… we appreciate you being a VIP!

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