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June Featured Menu Item – Milk N' Cookies

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June Featured Menu Item – Milk N’ Cookies

This month’s Featured Menu Item is the Milk N’ Cookies from The Market by Jennifer’s. You may be saying “Huh? What is so special about these cookies that they deserve to be featured?” As you are saying this, we would slowly and delicately extend one finger up to your lips for you to stop talking. They are our Featured Menu Item because they are the best cookies that we have ever tried. Nay, we are going on record to say that these particular cookies. They may be the best cookies that we or any of us may ever try. You can take that to the bank and while you are there get a bunch of money out to buy more of these cookies at The Market Arcadia by Jennifer’s.
Here are the details:

Milk N’ Cookies

Look, that picture above should have you convinced to make your way to The Market by Jennifer’s to try the cookies. We suggest putting the order in for the cookies upon arrival as they bake every order fresh. Then put another order in once you finish the first order. You can choose from a choice of Danzeisen Dairy (Laveen, AZ) Chocolate or Regular Milk. We recommend getting one of each. Live a little.

While you are at The Market Arcadia by Jennifer’s be sure to explore the rest of their menu, have a drink and enjoy the awesome atmosphere! For more on The Market by Jennifer’s Click Here! If you disagree with our claim that these are the best cookies ever. Please feel free to tell us about it in the comments below.

We’ll be back next month with new Featured Menu Items!
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