Late Night Food in Scottsdale

Late Night Food in Scottsdale

Late Night Food in Scottsdale

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If you’re a Scottsdale night owl, you know quality dining options begin to disappear after 10 or 11 p.m. It’s frustrating to walk into a place only to find out the kitchen just closed ten minutes earlier. Sure, there’s a time and place for a Waffle House or a ‘Berto’s, but they’re best as a last resort. You know who keeps their kitchen open late and serves up some kick-ass grub? Here’s the Breakdown. Our picks for the best late-night food in Scottsdale..

Carlsbad Tavern

It’s not “New” Mexican food. It’s New Mexican food – or “grub” as they refer to it. Named after Carlsbad Caverns, Carlsbad Tavern on Hayden Road is one of the more unique restaurants in Scottsdale. You’ll get an in-depth look from REAL soon, but Carlsbad Tavern delivers the goods. And the heat.

Carlsbad Tavern is open until 2 a.m. every night. Starting at 10 p.m., they break out their late-night menu. The late-night menu at Carlsbad stands up to some places’ dinner menus. Meatloaf Sliders, Green Chile Chicken Nachos, Carne Asada Waffle Fries, and more. If your night was a bust, finish it at Carlsbad Tavern. Remember, Even the Losers get lucky sometimes.

Visit Carlsbad Tavern‘s directory listing for more info.

Pig & Pickle

Pig & Pickle has earned a loyal following since opening on the corner of Thomas and Hayden in 2013. I Won’t Back Down, my favorite time to visit Pig & Pickle is brunch. For others, Happy Hour is what keeps bringing them back. Another great time to go to Pig & Pickle is late at night. Seven nights a week from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m., they offer a variety of “snacks” and “drankin’ food.” Not many places offer duck fat fries or poutine at midnight, so pull a Tom Haverford and Treat. Yo. Self.

Visit Pig & Pickle‘s website for more info.


You want a full menu? We got a full menu. AZ88 has all of its food available until 12:30 a.m. every night. Have you been craving the AZ88 chicken sandwich since we featured it as the September’s Featured Menu Item? Your craving can be satiated. If you want a fresh-ground burger from a local butcher, good luck finding it anywhere else at midnight. And if you’re in the mood for some comfort food, the All-American Grilled Cheese will hit the spot. Better yet, bring an all-American Girl and get one for each of you.

Visit AZ88‘s directory listing for more info.

Check out our video review of AZ88:

Ra Sushi

I know what you’re saying right now. “Isn’t Ra a chain restaurant? Don’t Do Me Like That!” If you don’t live in North Scottsdale, maybe You Don’t Know How It Feels to be limited in your late-night options. Hear me out.  For the purposes of this list, the kitchen is open until midnight Sunday through Thursday and 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday. The new Ra on Scottsdale Road near Thunderbird has a cool vibe as well. Still, chain or not, you’ll feel better about yourself if your late-night feast is sushi instead of fast food

As your night finishes, before you head off Into The Great Wide Open, don’t settle for the drive-thru. Sure, The Waiting is the hardest part after a few drinks, but it’ll be worth it. Stop at one of these places and wrap up your evening with some nom.

Visit Ra Sushi‘s website for more info.

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