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Ling & Louie's Scottsdale Video Review

Ling & Louie’s Scottsdale| Video Review

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For this week’s video review, we visited Ling & Louie’s Scottsdale! Located on the south side of Shea Boulevard in between 92nd Street and 96th Street. Ling & Louie’s is an Asian Bar and Grill that has a pretty entertaining story behind the concept. The concept is centered around Ling & Louie, their fun, fictional founders. Ling is a firecracker of a gal from Shanghai and Louie is an All-American guy from Toledo. They serendipitously meet and fall in love while sharing their passion for delicious food, creative drinks and lots of fun. Together, they open a restaurant where “Modern Asian Meets American Comfort,” and it’s a marriage made in culinary heaven!
Who doesn’t love a love story? Even a fictional one? We know that we do and we also have to say that fictional or not. Ling & Louie’s has created a pretty impressive menu of unique food items. From an award-winning burger to items straight from the wok. They have a little something for everyone as well as a diverse cocktail list.
In the video review, we went on a journey to see what “Modern Asian Meets American Comfort” entails as well as took a deep dive into the previously mentioned cocktail list. That Frozen Tai Mai is trouble, in a very good way! Also, we have to give a special shout out to what we dubbed the Firecracker Fancy Sauce. It was good enough to drink on its own.
Please enjoy the video review and visit Ling & Louie’s Scottsdale for yourself. Comment below your favorite menu item that we tried for a chance to win a gift card.
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  1. The Toledo roll and potstickers would be my got to have it treats.

  2. I shouldn’t watch this kind of videos when my fridge is empty. LOL. Looks so good!!!