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March Featured Menu Item – Cajeta Churros

cajeta churros

March Featured Menu Item – Cajeta Churros

This month’s Featured Menu Item is the Cajeta Churros from Ladera Taverna y Cocina. However, these aren’t just any old churros. No. We are saying that they are better than the churros from Disneyland. We are saying that they are better than the churros from Costco. Yes, I know we just fired shots at Costco & Disneyland and no disrespect to Mickey Mouse. But if he tried Ladera’s Cajeta Churros he would 100% agree with us.
Here are the details:

Cajeta Churros

The best churros in the country (our opinion and maybe Mickey Mouse’s) are evenly coated with cinnamon sugar and have a delicious caramel aka cajeta filling. To top all of that amazingness off, they come with a house-made chocolate dipping sauce topped with pomegranate seeds.

How is that description not a complete walk-off? I mean, how are you even still reading this and not in your car on the way to Ladera? Unless you are already in your car reading this while you are driving. If that is the case, please put the phone down and focus on driving safely. Don’t be reckless, but do go to Ladera and try the Cajeta Churros. Once you arrive safely be sure to check out the Ladera Taverna y Cocina Video Review as well to see some of their other phenomenal food & cocktail menu items. Pro-Tip: The Cajeta Churros pair well with Carne Asada and the El Santo. At least that is what Mickey Mouse told us!

We’ll be back next month with new Featured Menu Items!
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